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Ranch Kettle Corn

Okay so I completely understand that ya’ll might be thinking is this even a recipe!! But I’m telling ya it’s delicious! My husband is pretty good in the kitchen because he’s creative and always adds in a little something to spice up whatever we’re having. Our family has always liked popcorn, but especially Kettle Corn. We decided that while life isn’t crazy busy as far as plans, our evenings are quite hectic with 3 littles if we aren’t prepared for dinner. “Witching Hour” usually hits around 5 at our house. So we have to make sure that we’re prepared and then prepared some more for supper! They get very hangry if we eat much later than 5:45!!

So here is what we like to call our , “Addicting Popcorn”.



I’ve come up with a very general meal plan for the week that I’ll be sharing in the near future. We’ve been using it for months and have stuck to it! On our meal plan we’ve decided Fridays are going to be popcorn movie nights! I’m excited for this! By the time Friday hits we’re usually spent from the work week and our kiddos are too. So make it easy on yourself. Along with our popcorn we like to do fruit, cheese and crackers. But really you could do anything “think” charcuterie board. Wow, that’s a tough word to spell. Thank you, Google!!

Our little ones loves it too!!

Our little ones loves it too!!

1. 1 bag of Kettle Corn
2. Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Oil
3. 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Mix

1. Follow the directions on the bag of kettle corn
2. Add ranch packet
3. Drizzle on oil to taste
4. Mix ingredients to coat

What’s your favorite kind of popcorn!? Please share in the comments below!

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