Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas…

Teacher Appreciation Day is right around the corner (May 4th) so you still have some time to grab your child/children’s teacher a little something! I was hesitant to do this post because… well I’m a teacher… but then again I’ve been teaching long enough to give you the scoop on what’s popular in the teacher world!
But before I mention ANYTHING that has to do with items to buy – I think any teacher would be just as happy to get a nice note or card. Cards and notes are things I, myself have kept and cherish for years to come.. from the student, the families or both! If cards aren’t your thing and you want to get your kids teacher a gift here are some ideas!

Easy ideas:

Gift Card- Support your local business or TeachersPayTeachers and Amazon are great places teachers can buy items for the classroom
Lottery Ticket – HA!
Lip Balm

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

School Supplies:
Ticonderoga Pencils – The B.E.S.T pencils ever!
Flair Pens – these are all the Rave for grading
Dry Erase Markers – you can never have enough!
Post-its – these are perfect for writing down all the notes
Color Copy Paper – this is always nice to have on hand for important notes


Chocolate – I don’t know too many teachers that don’t enjoy chocolate!
Hard Candy – mints, gum, Jolly Ranchers (it’s always nice to have a little something while grading papers)

I found this idea on Pinterest. How cute!? It would also be very cheap and easy!

I got this picture from Pinterest

I got this picture from Pinterest

Another Pinterest Idea!

Plants/Flowers – I had a student give me something similar to this at the end of the year two years ago and thought it was the sweetest idea!

I found this photo on Pinterest.

I found this photo on Pinterest.

I know this post was short and sweet, but hopefully it will give you some ideas!!

Thanks for following along!


  1. Angie Ruebush says:

    I agree Ashlyn. I have cherished the notes from students and parents. I still have them. Sometimes the simplest gestures have the greatest impact. ❤️

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