The Best Sunscreen For Summer…

National Sunscreen Day is on May 27th so I wanted to share all of my favorites! I hope this guide helps as you’re picking your must haves for summer. As I’m sure you know you should be wearing sunscreen EVERY SINGLE day of your Life! Even on cloudy days and in the winter! It’s a must! If you haven’t already – check your moisturizer or foundation to see what SPF you’re using!

One thing I’ve always been curious about with sunscreen is the number on the bottle. You’ll notice with Supergoop the highest SPF they offer is 50. At first, this concerned me because we’ve always put 70+ on our kids. I’’m not an expert on this so please do your own research as well, but I found this from businessinsider:

Products with SPF values greater than 50+ tend to give users a false sense of security. High SPF sunscreens not only over promise protection, but according to the Food and Drug Administration, may also over expose consumers to UVA rays.

Makes sense to me!!

Here is what’s in our pool bag:

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Their sunscreens are cruelty free, clean and reef-safe.

This lotion absorbs easily into skin and doesn’t feel sticky, so kids love it!

The brand is a must try in my book! There are so many options! Everything from sunscreen, eye cream and CC cream. They offer it all.

A few products that I’ve tried and am loving are:

Glow Screen // This is the “bees knees” of sunscreens. The Glow Screen is a 2 for 1. It’s a makeup primer + has SPF 40! This is what I use as my foundation. It also comes in an unseen version if you’re not looking to get your glow on. But if you want that dewy glow – this is the tube for you! It goes on smooth and I’ve had no trouble with this sunscreen irritating my eyes.

Play // If you like spray sunscreens this is a fantastic option. This is a non-aerosol, water-resistant body spray with SPF 30 that’s water and sweat resistant for 80 min.

Sunny Screen Stick // Looking for sunscreen for the kids? Check out their Sunny line. If you’re worried you’ll get sunscreen in your eyes… sticks are the way to go! They also make a Glow stick that I’ve seen go on completely clear and the reviews have said it’s also great for kids!

Defense Refresh (Re) setting mist //This spray on mineral mist works as a setting spray + gives your skin the protection it needs. It goes on clear and is a quick and easy way to freshen up your SPF! It doesn’t irritate my eyes! Store it in your cooler for a refreshing mist!

Lip Balm // Don’t forget about putting SPF on your lips! I think this is an after thought for many! I’m guilty of burning my lips a time or two and just like any sunburn it’s not fun!! Be sure to get something to lather on so you’re not regretting it when you go to sip on your favorite cocktail!

Whats your favorite sunscreen brand!? Please share in the comments below!

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