Stocking Suffers…

Can you believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Christmas!? I can’t!! While I’m usually pretty good at buying gifts ahead of time, I’m often late on stocking suffers! So I thought I’d do a round up in case you’re like me!! Hopefully these will help spark some ideas for your own family!!

As usual most all of these items are things we’ve used and loved and have great reviews!


NUK Sippy Cups // Penguin Bath Toy // Boo Boo Bunny // Cetaphil Baby Wash // Toothbrushes // Water Wow! // Bubble Bath Toy // Sophia Teething Toy // Puffs // Baby Banana

Babies/toddlers can be hard to buy for. I don’t think you can go wrong with puffs, yogurt bites or anything to do with teething!! Our 2 year olds still love to chew on toothbrushes!! We have two of the penguin bath toy and it’s been a huge hit!!


Carhartt Hat // Unicorn Egg // Goody Hair Ties // Socks // Toms Toothpaste // Old Maid // Rainbow Crayons // Band-Aids // Wet Brush Hair Brush // Art Sketch // Toothbrushes // Dinosaur Eggs // UNO // Mouthwash // Tri-Color Markers

I’m finding as our 4 year old gets older I have a harder time picking a few things because there are so many items I’d like to get!! As an adult, I still love getting a new toothbrush and socks in my stocking so these will always be things our children will get! A few things they need sprinkled in with a few fun items! Our children love all things art and the rainbow coloring crayons were my favorite as a Kindergartner. We now have a set and our kiddos love them! Card games are definitely going in Ainsley’s stocking!


Kitchen Shears //Working Hands, Hand Cream // Laneige Balm // Dermaplaning Tool // She Butter Lotion // Bracelet //Teleties // Avacado Slicer // Raw Sugar Hand Foaming Soap // Brown Sugar Saver // Vitamin E Oil // Wiley Wallaby Licorice// Kitchen Slicer // Multi Purpose Screw Driver

I always have a hard time buying for my husband, but never the women in my family. Maybe you struggle with this too! The screw driver above has been a huge hit in our house. My husband is constantly grabbing for it. These socks had great reviews and I don’t think you can go wrong with them!

If you’re needing to buy for other family members… the kitchen tools I’m sharing are ones we love!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon the brown sugar saver, it’s worked wonders! The avocado slicer is used anytime an avocado is in the house! And the kitchen slicer… well I use it for brownies or any type of bars, but it has multiple uses!

I’ve also shared some of my favorite products that might be good for in-laws, your own mom, or even if you need a small gift for a coworker!

You can check out my Holiday Gift Guide and my latest Amazon Haul if you’re needing some other gift ideas!!

What are your favorite things to gift or give for stockings!? Please share in the comments below!

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