Olive Dip

You’ll probably start to see a trend as you follow me on social! I love dips!! Chip dips, crackers and dip, give me ALL the dips!! This has to be one of my favorites that my mom makes! It’s easy to make on the fly and always a crowd pleaser! So without further ado let’s dig in!


  1. Start by mixing the softened cream cheese, mayo, milk, lemon juice, and salt with a hand mixer.


2. Next mix in the sweet pickle relish, beef budding, and green olives.


3. Cover and let chill in the refrigeration for an hour.


4. Serve with Ritz crackers or for a healthier option veggies.
5. Eat and enjoy!


1 8 oz. pkg cream cheese (softened
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp sweet pickle relish
1 pkg ob dried beef budding (chopped)
1/2 jar of green olives (sliced)
1 tsp lemon juice
dash of salt

1. With an electric mixer, mix cream cheese, mayo, milk, lemon juice and salt
2. Mix in sweet pickle relish, beef budding, and green olives
3. Cover and refrigerate for an hour

What are some of your favorite dips? Please share in the comments below!

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