Must Have Amazon Items For Kids…

Ohhh, Amazon….what did we do before you??? Convenience to the max!!! We’ve gotten everything from diaper and wipe subscriptions, books, toys, food, baby stuff, and the list continues! Are we Prime members? You bet ya and have been for years. This must have kid list will be one of many future Amazon favorites lists. Check out some of my must haves below.

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Yes, that’s right…… a grape slicer!! I’m all about “time savers” especially at meal time! This grape slicer not only saves your fingers, but also quarters the grapes for you! It’s safe and easy to use! I would recommend hand washing, although it is dishwasher safe.

Teething x2!! We need all the help we can get! I’ve been sticking these toothbrushes in the fridge for our twins to chew on. I love that they’re easy to clean and easy to hold!

These are by far my favorite bibs! I’ve tried several brands and these are durable, keep those church outfits clean, and are soo easy to wash!

With the those scorching hot days setting in “suns out, funs out.” This hat has SPF 50, comes in a bunch of colors, great for the pool, or any outside time! Did I mention it’s under $15!

Gross!!! That was my first thought! As long as you have a filter, no worries. You won’t be sucking in your child’s snot! This tool has worked wonders for us!


This booster seat is easy to clean, move, and serves its purpose. We’ve used ours on a bar stool and regular chair.

These are a splurge, but in my opinion way worth the money. I understand kids feet grow super fast and spending a lot on shoes doesn’t always make sense. These should be your exception! They’ll hold up all summer. The best part is you can throw them in the wash!

We didn’t have one of these with our first child, but with twins it was a must! We didn’t go a night without it or nap time for that matter. There are 6 different settings. This is also a great buy if you’re someone that likes having noise while staying in a hotel! It will easily fit in any bag. Count me in!

These are my favorite sippy cups! I’ve tried tons of different brands and always find myself coming back to these! What makes them great is they don’t spill, are dishwasher safe, and sooo cheap coming in under $5 for a 2pk.

These magnetic safari animals are AWESOME! I actually bought them at a toy store in St. Louis, but Amazon carries them! This brand also has magnetic dinosaurs, a train set, farm animals, and more. Our kids love them!

What are some of your favorite Amazon kid finds? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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