March Amazon Haul

Eyelash Curler// If you’re in need of a cheap , but effective eyelash curler this one is for you! It has 27, 124 ratings and I must say it does work and it’s under $10. A tip I learned is that if you put the curling part in your mouth and blow warm air on it and curls your lashes even more. Crazy… but I tried it and did think it helped!
Beauty Blenders// This 5 pack of beauty blender has 53, 254 ratings! I was in dire need of some new ones and love that they come in a 5 pack! They do the job and are soft and effective. I always dampen mine when I put on my concealer, but you don’t have to! It’s just a beauty trick I’ve learned and think it gives a more natural look to your makeup and blends it more.
GIMME Beatuy headbands // I was so excited when Amazon started selling these! I had wanted to try them, but you could only buy them through the companies website and since I’m a Prime Member it was great to see that @amazon now offers them! My 4 year old asks for me to use these and I love them as well!! They come in several different colors! I can wrap mine 3x for the perfect high pony that stays put all day!


Sunless Tanner

Bio Oil

Bag Sealer

Ar Phone Mount

Tanning Glove

Short Sleeve Top



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