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Laundry… The dreaded house chore that I’ve procrastinated on my whole life!!  Even before we had kids it was always a struggle.  I’m the one that would do the laundry, but it would sit in the baskets for several days or at times the dryer.  Right after the New Year I shared that I was making up my own laundry schedule to share and I had a lot of questions about it so I thought I would share our schedule and the reasoning behind it.  We’re a family of 5, but you can tweak it to your own families needs.

The update on trying out this schedule for the past two weeks is that I’ve kept up with laundry.  I haven’t felt overwhelmed at ALL.  Yes, not all of the laundry has been done at one time and that’s O.K.A.Y.  What I used to do was save everything until the weekend unless our kids clothes got really dirty or we needed something washed.  On the weekends I was drowning in laundry and could never get caught up.  We have schedules and routines for so many things in our lives that I figured I’d give a laundry schedule a whirl.  

So here it is!


So let me explain my reasoning. I put a lot of thought into this schedule and tweaked it several times! I wanted to make sure it’s something that’s attainable and makes since to our lifestyle. As you can see I do have a day off during the week. Most schedules you see probably won’t. It does make sense to do a load a day, buttttt everyone needs a day off or has something come up. I know there might not be a lot going on right now, but our lives will get busier eventually.

Work Week

I put the easy and quick stuff during the week. You’ll see two different nights for kids because it’s easier for me to separate the twins and our four year olds clothes. That’s not to say if I don’t have much I’ll combine them. If so, I’d probably wait until after supper on a Wed. night and do them all at once because they’re messy!


The weekends have a little more than I wanted, but there’s no sense of doing good work clothes until the end of the work week. My husband wears “old” clothes for his job so I can’t do ours together. Hence there’s less. I chose to do sheets ( kids sheets bi-weekly) on Saturdays because sometimes I wait until right before bed on Sundays and it would drive my husband nuts!! So now that I’m doing them on Saturdays I know Sunday evenings we’ll be good to go! Clean sheets are one of my favorites!! The thing that we wear the most as adults are active clothes (pajamas, sweatpants, t-shirts, socks – under garments) so I wanted to have them ready to go for the week ahead. Bath towels don’t take long to fold up and put away and we don’t get a new towel every day so that’s a simple load!

Sundays I thought denim would be a good fit because I wear jeans on the weekends. Dish towels made Sunday’s too because I do some touch up cleaning and usually have several cleaning rags. And then of course another load of our kids clothes after all that weekend fun!!!

The key will be to COMPLETE the loads for each day. As in – wash- dry – and YES put the clothes away!! You can do it!

I love these baskets and when I counted we have 7 of them! I not only use them for laundry, but our kids toys. They’re the perfect size and they’re smaller so you don’t get stuck with bigger loads of laundry!


This Laundry detergent holder is AWESOME!! I’m sharing a few options. I was sick of the cup spilling and making a mess. It was always in the way and I could never find a good spot for it! Thanks to this…
“A place for everything and everything in its place!” Benjamin Franklin


Do you have a laundry schedule!? If so, please share in the comments below!!

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