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Hello and welcome! I know there are some new people following along here so I just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks for following along whether you’re new or have been following for a while! I’ve had several questions about how to find different things that I’ve shared so I wanted to go over all of the different ways that you can follow me on social media. If you’re reading this post right now you can go up to the top right corner where you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. To follow my Amazon Storefront click here .

I know it can get confusing when you can click on links to my blog post on Facebook, but on Instagram you can’t. To find things I’ve shared in posts or my stories if you’re following on Facebook and don’t have IG:
Go to about
Click on the link to my blog
Click categories
Shop My Instagram
You can of course click the link to any of my blog posts in Facebook, but you wouldn’t be able to do this for my daily outfits.

Since I’m a visual person I figured a video would be best… but please reach out if you have additional questions! I’m glad to help and really enjoy it! Speaking of being a visual person one of my goals this year is to try to do more try-ons and share more on Facebook and Instagram stories. Be sure to check out my highlights on Instagram as I’ll be saving recipes, Amazon finds and more!

I find for the people I follow I watch their IG stories the most so why wouldn’t I share more in the same platform!? I don’t have a swipe up feature option for any product I share. Soo sorry… if you like something and want to check it out you’ll have to go one extra step and click a link. I had no idea how any of that worked! If you’re someone like me that’s newer to social media, blogging, etc here’s a nugget of information:
Fun Fact – you have to have 10, 000 followers on Instagram to get the swipe up feature. I’ll be completely transparent with you… that’s a goal of mine! I know it will take a lot of time, but I’m here for it. It makes life easier for everyone and is so much more convenient!

So for now I have this tutorial! If you don’t have the app and would like to learn more, I’ve shared an in depth tutorial on what it has to offer. It can be found here. The app has changed colors, but everything else operates the same. It is free and a great way to follow other bloggers that you love. There’s everything from fashion, beauty, home, kids and more!

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! I always love hearing from my readers! Ya’ll are the reason I do this and enjoy it so much!

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