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Looking to try out some fresh ready made meals or up your skills in the kitchen!? Maybe you enjoy cooking, but don’t have time for – or you love to cook, but have trouble finding the fresh ingredients you like! Home Chef has got you covered! You can adapt meals based on allergies, family size and how frequently you’d like them delivered! We LOVE @HomeChef. We’ve NEVER had a bad meal!

The great thing is you can skip meals or increase your servings when you decide to have Grandma and Grandpa over. We order 1x a month! My husband and I use the meals for an at home date night. While other times we share with our little’s. The portions are generous and the meals are delicious! It would be a disservice for me not to share more about this Amazing meal service.

So here’s how it works. You make an account and will be asked questions about any allergies, diet preference, how often you’d like meals delivered and how many are in your family. From there you’re given suggested meals for the week, but are able to change and edit them if you find something else from the menu that suits you! Since we only order two meals (both meals come in one package 1x a month on a Tuesday) 1x a month we can easily use our app and skip the other weeks. The app is super easy to use and you get reminders for your last chance to change the menu before being shipped!

The great news is you can get $35 off when you sign up! Just use the CODE: ASHLYN08!


Key Items:
-Fresh Weekly Meal Kits starting at $6.99
-Can choose meals based off of your diet and allergies
-Cutomizeable features allow you to upgrade, swap meals
-You can swap out proteins
-Add meals, edit servings, take a week off
-5 minute to 30 minute meals with options of veggie, low-carb or cal-conscious
-30+ Weekly Choices

Here are just a few of the delicious meals we’ve made! The salmon has to be one of our favorites!

If you have any questions always feel free to reach out!

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