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The title says it ALL!! I’ve shared my kiddos play room organization and now it’s on to the family room. I know some might like having toys in the living room and others might like for all the toys to stay in bedrooms or the toy room. Our family room is long so we have a nook that I let the kids keep their toys. While I don’t like for them to mix toys from their play room to the family room, it happens all the time! It’s a me problem… OCD on overload and I don’t like clutter!

Less is more! That’s the key when you have little ones. When children are overwhelmed with too many options it’s more difficult for them to pick out what they’d like to play with. Keep it simple with items at eye level, easy to grab, and while they may not stay organized – have some sort of system in place to help with storage!

Having a nice soft play mat is a great addition to any play area and helps define the space!

The slide has always been indoors because we have the space for it. But why not bring in some of your outdoor toys during the colder months!?

We have a ball pit that I’ll be getting back out this winter. When items are rotated it helps toys be played with more. It’s like they’re getting new ones when you bring out the stored ones!

I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to use for block storage! I searched online and couldn’t find anything so I thought a clothes basket would work great! The blocks that we have wouldn’t all fit in the clothes basket so I put a trash bag of them back for now. As they grow I’ll get out more, but for now it’s plenty for them to play with!

Remember… with little ones less is more!!


If you check out my playroom organization here you’ll see that I use a cube organizer. While I think these are great if you can use clear tubs or have toys that are visible and easily accessible… this toy organizer is a game changer! We have one of these in our daughters room and I’m going to be getting one for the twins bedroom.

The reasons I love them:
1. Toys can easily be sorted
2. The tubs can be taken off of the shelves, which my four year old loves to do!
3. The tubs can be rearranged
4. This organizing system would be fantastic for art supplies! When my little’s are old enough that’s my plan!
5. For all of my teachers these would be great for organizing classroom supplies!
6. The organizer comes in an XL size that includes 16 tubs.
7. It comes in several different color options!


While it’s good for children to have defined spaces for play… if you don’t have the room, no worries! You can dedicate a small corner with a few bins or baskets. If you have room for just the toy organizer, I think you’ll be surprised how many items you can fit in it!

I always say:

A place for everything,
everything in it’s place.
Benjamin Franklin


More often than not the things we provide for our children turn out to be used for other things! Like a comfy place to sit. Which reminds me…Teacher friends or anyone with small enough children to fit in the clothes basket – these make for perfect little reading boats! Just add a pillow and comfy blanket to have a defined space for reading!

Happy Organizing!

What are some of your favorite things to use for organizing your kids toys? Please share in the comments below!

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