Fall Decorating…

FALL = Family + Activities + Loving Life!! This is what fall stands for, for me! Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love the decorating, everything pumpkin, fashion, and all of the activities that come along with itl!!

Decorating has always been something I’ve enjoyed! My Grandmas on both sides of the family have beautiful decorations out during the holidays. While one had her own shop and did upholstery the other Grandma was the one who made all of the cutesy decorations for the church bazaars I love getting the things she’s made and painted out every year. They’re so special to me.

It’s without a surprise that my mother is into decorating for the seasons as well, which in turn has trickled down to me. I’ve always admired my moms decorating style and have inspired to be like her!

Just as fashion does, I really think decorating gives us a sense of being able to express ourselves. Who cares if you put out too much or too little. It should be about what you like without worrying about what others will think of your style! All that matters is that it makes you happy!!

I try to set out all of my decorations for each season first and then fill in the wholes with what I’m missing. Otherwise I over buy and don’t have enough space or it doesn’t flow with my overall decor. This tip has really helped me continue to build on what I have!

This is what I have out this season:

P.S.- Anything that’s on a low level isn’t where I can keep things because our twins will be into it! Clearly I staged some of this to give some inspiration! This is how I would have it if those little hands weren’t into everything!!


I love to add pops of color! The truck on the ottoman was given to me several years ago (from Walmart)! One thing I enjoy switching out are pillows, but my Atlanta they can sometimes be violently expensive for what they’re and then there’s the whole having to store them thing. So I opted to buy pillow covers this year! The orange plaid pillow covers came in a set of two and the Happy fall cover came in a set of 4 along with 3 other fall themed pillows.


The witch and ghost on the top shelf are ones that my Grandma made! Anytime you have an opportunity to display items that have been handmade by family or friends they make great for great additions to your decor. The picture frame is from Personalization Mall. Looks like I need to get one for the twins now! My mom still puts out pictures of my brother and I from Halloween as kids and I always LOVE looking at them! They make for great conversation starters!


The mantle!This is always a fun place to decorate! This will be the first season that our TV is mounted on the wall so I’m super excited to get to decorate it. All of the items on the mantle are new things I purchased this season.

These vases were used at our wedding. They’re very special to me. I have two and they both have an “H” on them. I use them for every season. They’re so versatile and always an eye catcher. I love how this filler adds a touch of the buffalo plaid.


The built in china cabinet is always a fun piece to decorate! On the top I added some orange tool along with the happy fall banner. All of the pieces displayed by the mirror are pieces I’ve accumulated over time. They’re from Hobby Lobby and Walmart other than the new vase filler.


The tin is from a few seasons back. I purchased it at Walmart and got the filler from Hobby Lobby.


If you’re looking for a cheap and easy addition for an outside decoration look no further! Use any Halloween bucket,( $1.25 from Walmart) drill a hole in the bottom and put it over your outdoor solar lights. Then stick it in your flower pot! How cool is this!? I can’t take credit for the idea, but my parents came up with it!


Other items that I’m loving this season:

What’s your favorite season to decorate for!? Please share in the comments below!

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