Easter Basket Ideas…

It’s hard to believe what Easter looked like last year. We didn’t go anywhere. Our families left the kiddos goodies and food on our porch. Who would’ve thought we’d be where we are today with all of the new restrictions. I hope this post finds you and your family safe and healthy! And hopefully this year you can enjoy some time with family.I know we’re going to be looking forward to it!

I couldn’t believe when I went to buy the kiddos St. Patty day shirts the other day that Easter is right around the corner. I know know it will creep up so I’m on the hunt to fill the kids Easter baskets early! With that being said I wanted to share some ideas for baskets. I bought the baskets pictured below last year. I think there are so many cute plastic ones out, but I have trouble with what to do after the fact! It’s just an accumulation of more stuff that we don’t “need.” I love that I was able to get the baskets monogrammed and they’ll be used from year to year! These baskets also work great for Easter egg hunts!

I bought these last year so I won’t have to buy any this year!

I bought these last year so I won’t have to buy any this year!

For Easter we always do baskets, a few treats, tennis shoes and socks, outside toys and if they need swim wear. I’ve always loved getting them outdoor items because we always look forward to the nicer weather! Of course we have an Easter egg hunt as well! First I’m sharing some items that would make great fillers or to be set out beside the baskets.


You can’t go wrong with any of the items below! We have two of the baby swings and our twins loved them last year! We’re thinking about getting the t-ball set for our 4 year old. We have a slide similar to the one below and it worked perfectly inside and outside! We even put it in the kids small pool last year! We’re due for a new water table because ours broke last year… our kids loved it!


Here are some other great fillers and I’ve added a few items for egg decorating and of course a couple of books! Our daughter decorated the wooden painting craft for Valentines Day and it’s been displayed all month so I’ve got the Easter one in my cart. These always make for great memories and I love getting them out from year to year!


Hopefully I was able to help give you some ideas for Eater Baskets or even some fun ideas for outdoor items for spring!



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