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Happy Hump Day! After pretty much having a 2nd Christmas break due to weather and a natural gas shortage… the first week back to work can always seem a bit long. But here we are already half way there! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week!

I’ve been sharing some of my favorite beauty finds since I started blogging last summer. However, most of the products I use are from Ulta and Sephora. We don’t have a Super Walmart in our town or I would probably have more drugstore items to share. The makeup isle is limited and when I say limited – like half an isle style. I’ve said all along that I’ll share affordable clothing with the occasional splurge. While the beauty might be the other way around I wanted to bring you some of my favorite drugstore products! I’m not a beauty guru and don’t wear a lot of make up , but over the years I’ve tried out numerous products… it’s always been a thing.
I do have some products that have been my tried and tru for years and are always repeats. That post can be found here. In the midst of that there are several drugstore products that are great options as well. These are ones that I’ve used off and on over the years.

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Lets start with lip gloss! Who doesn’t love a good lip gloss!? My go to are NYX butter gloss. I love the colors Creme Brulee (one of the most popular colors), Vanilla Cream pie and Merengue. I also think this brand is a good option for other products as they have good reviews! Some reasons to love this brand are they’re affordable and can be found at sooo many places! I’ve bought mine before at Ulta, but they can also be found at drugstores and even Amazon now! They’re super affordable coming in at $5. They come in tons of beautiful colors to meet everyone’s needs. They’re great for layering and they don’t give you that super sticky feeling like some lip glosses.
I’m also sharing some other drugstore makeup that I’ve used in years past or that’s has great reviews!


From left to right in the above picture the colors are shown on my hand.


I’m currently trying out a new skin care line, but don’t want to share it until I’ve used it for 60 days to make sure my skin doesn’t react to it. However, I have been using the Aveeno Nightcream as my daily moisturizer since I haven’t added in my new lines yet. I love how it keeps my skin feeling hydrated and goes on thick during these cold months. I also think it gives your skin a glow! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of this lines products! In my eyes, Aveeno is an all around good company! If you’re needing something else that’s very thick and will for sure give you that dewy look then give the NIVEA cream a try. A couple summers ago this is what I used as my moisturizer. The ROC daily resurfacing disks are used to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin. I truly do think they work even though I wasn’t crazy consistent with them!


This product is something I’ve used off and on since high school! The TRESemme hairspray. As you can see I have several travel sizes. It’s always my go to when packing an overnight bag. Our local Walmart carries it with all of their travel size items so I’m sure to snag it! I like that it accommodates so many different hairstyles. I used to use their shampoo and conditioners in high school and I’m sure since then they have even more options! I’ve shared this one a few times, but the Batiste dry shampoo is a great option if you’re in need. This is what I used when I discovered what dry shampoo was and that I needed it in my life!


And lastly when it comes to beauty we need our skin to feel extra soft and Palmers is here for the win on that! Super affordable and can be found all over the place! Did I mention the smell!? OMG love it! I had recently shared the pump lotion pictured as a dupe to my favorite Bum Bum lotion that’s half the price! Anything from their line would be a great option!


My husband and I have a date night this weekend so a trip to Target will be a must. There are a couple of products from Maybelline that I’ve been wanting to try out so I’ll be sure to report back on those!

Would you like to see more drugstore makeup shared? Please email me at @tripletheflairblog.com or share in the comments!



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