The Best Beach and Pool Accessories for Summer…

Last week I shared a few beach items on social. I thought it might be helpful to have a Beach/Pool guide that you can refer back to! My parents have a pool that we frequent often in the summer and we have a beach vacation to Florida planned this summer! With 2 year old twins and an almost 5 year old I’ve been in search of items that we need and can be used at for the pool days too! So here’s what we have and some other items I’ve researched with great reviews that are perfect for the pool, beach, lake, sand bar or whatever outdoor activities that come your way this summer!

Did I mention EVERYTHING is under $35!!!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate I may make a small commission off of qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Straw Hat // When you’re in the sun you should always be protecting your skin! I’ve seen this wide brimmed hats shared a lot on IG and finally gave in! I love a ball cap, but know these will allow for more protection! I also purchased my husband one. He wasn’t super excited about it, but has already worn it while mowing the yard so I’d say I’ve won him over!

Waterproof phone case // These cases come in a set up two and have been on sale often. They’re easy to use and will protect your phone from the water and sand whether you’re on the beach or the sand bar! You can even click and swipe while you have the case on and if comes with a strap if you prefer to wear it around your neck! Very hand for someone that likes to fish!

3 pack of fish/bug nets // When you go to the beach you MUST hunt for crabs! The twins have yet to experience this and I can’t wait for them to! This set was perfect for our family because we have 3 kids and the nets are the perfect size for our little’s hands! These would also make great nets for fishing or even catching bugs!

Waterproof Sunglasses/glasses holder // No one wants to be on vacation or out boating and loose their shades!! These sunglasses straps will do wonders when all those Instagram worthy photo opportunities arise. I’ve also shared some floating straps further down. The 3 packs colors are so incredibly cute I might have to snag some!

Waterproof Wet Bag // If you’re not familiar with a “wet bag” and you have small children or ever wear a bathing suit YOU need one! These are sooo handy! At the river and need to change out of a wet suit with no where to store it, this bag is your new best friend! They’re also great to have on hand in case your little has an accident and your out and about! With this bag you don’t have to worry about soiling the other clothes in your bag! This one is extra handy because it has a handle.

Headlamp Flashlight // What kid doesn’t like flash lights!!? This head lamp fits my 4 year old and myself!! It’s just the thing for crab hunting on the beach or playing tag after dark in the back yard! The strap is adjustable and comfortable!! Another great thing is it comes with batteries! Not sure about you, but batteries are expensive and it’s one less thing to worry about!

Mesh Beach Bag // This beach bag is Amazing! It easily fits 4 oversized beach towels and a regular sized one (I could’ve fit one more towel). It has pockets on the front all the way around. It also has a zipper pocket on the inside for storing your wallet and phone while you run out to catch a wave. Everything that I’ve taken photos of, but the straw hats fits in this bag! It comes in several color ways.

Portable Chair with a cooler // This chair folds up into a bag with a strap, has two cup holders and a cooler! What more can you want than that!! It comes in several colors and is under $35!

Clear Waterproof bags // These clear bags are TSA approved and come in a set of 3. On top of that they’re clear for easy visibility and waterproof! You can put your sunscreen, makeup, wallets and phones + whatever else you need for the pool!

Supergoop! // I started using this brand of sunscreen last summer and am hooked. It’s one of the only sunscreens that doesn’t make my eyes water after application. I’ve been using the Glow Screen everyday as my foundation and love the lightweight feel it gives along with the dewy glow! I bought all Supergoop suncreen for our kiddos as well. Check out what’s in our beach bag below!

Here are some other great options for the beach or pool!

Whatever fun in the sun summer brings your way I hope you have a blast!!

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