April/May Amazon Haul…

First day of summer break and I’ve already felt the need to clean and start going through room by room to ““purge”.” It happens every summer! I enjoy doing it because I love to start the summer off fresh.

I’m not sure how Aprils Amazon Haul slided by… so your getting two months in one post.

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

So many of the items I bought these past couple of months are for our beach vacation this summer! To find all things beach/pool check out this post!

61 Piece Ring Set // This ring set IS one of my ALL time Amazon finds! It allows for so many different looks and is only $15. The rings come in many different sizes so I opted to buy this organizer so I can easily see which ones fit what fingers. I set them all out – tried them on and then categorized them by what fingers they fit on. I already have so many favorites!

Glow Screen // While I highly recommend ALL Supergoop products… the Glow Screen has become my favorite! If you’re into more of a matte finish or unseen they offer those as well! This brand of sunscreen is one of the only ones that doesn’t irritate my eyes! It has SPF 40 and gives you the perfect sunkissed glow for summer. I’ve worn it every single day under my makeup for several months now.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up // Tired of the grey popping up!? The Root Magic cover up spray has been a game changer for me! Unfortunately, greys come at different times for everyone! For me… they’ve been around for a while. This stuff is a life saver and now it comes in a handy brush. Keep it in your purse or if spray isn’t your thing this will be your new best friend!

Braided Sandals // Braided sandals (far left) are in!! If you’re wanting to add some to your closet without breaking the bank these are the perfect ones. They come in so many colors and styles! They’ve been teacher approved (wore them for 8 hours at work) and are only $20! Pick a neutral color that will go with everything or something bold to make a statement!

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds // These are the perfect sweet treat! My husband discovered them at a gas station and as we were taking our last few bites I immediately checked to see if Amazon had them. Sure enough they did and you better believe I added them to my cart! The great thing is our kids like them too!

Large Hair Claw Clips for Thick Hair // Whether your’e mommin’ it, have thick hair or are in between washes… clips are the way to go. I’ve always been a clip chick! These large claw clips easily clip up my thick hair and hold all day! There are a few color options and they come in a set of 4.

Tanceuticals Self Tanner // I was hesitant to get on the self tanner train because I’ve seen too many people look orange. I’ve seen this shared a lot and the reviews are great! I started out with the light until I felt comfortable moving up a shade to dark. I LOVE this tanner. It’s so easy to use (highly recommend a mit) and it doesn’t give off that self tanner smell. It goes on sale often on Amazon!

After one use with the dark! I had been using it 3x a week… but stopped because the weather here has been so chilly! Now that it’s nice I’m going to start up again!

Cameron’s Coffee // This has become my favorite coffee!! It’s rich, smooth and comes in many different flavors. I’ve tried several and they’re all great! It’s also offered in pods if that’s more your style. Another perk is you can often times find it on sale!

Spinning Makeup Organizer // If you have a larger space and are looking to de-clutter your makeup, hair products, skincare products this will do the trick! It has carousel storage, offers shelving that you can rearrange and has tons of storage! It’s amazing how quick and easy it is to find things and how organized I feel!

Polarized Sunglasses // These shades are a repurchase. I love them so much I decided to buy another to have on hand for summer! These sunnies are flattering on everyone, come in several colors and the price is right! You can catch them on sale often!

Casual Leopard Pajamas // Pajama sets are one of my new favorite things! They make laundry, bedtime and life easier! I never have been a pajama set kinda gal’ until I got my first set last Christmas. Now I’m all about them! This brand offers several colors and styles. I have a size small for reference.

Gimme Hair Ties Any Fit // Once you have a set of these hair ties you probably won’t be able to go back! They’re a headache and crease less free option that has different fits according to your hair style! The thick ones are a great option if you like a good high pony that won’t budge!

If you follow me on social here’s a quick way you can be taken to all of the info. for the free 30 day Audible trial! It’s a great deal if you’re wanting to try it out! You don’ have to be a Prime Member!

As always I love hearing from you guys! If there’s anything in particular you’re looking for always feel free to share in the comments below or reach out to me!


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