5 Basics You Need In Your Wardrobe…

Well…  I must say I had a bit of writer’s block today!  I like to stay on a schedule each month so you’ll know what to expect and it helps with planning content!  If you’ve followed me on IG you’ll see that in my stories we’re finishing up some painting in our bedroom.  My husband had the day off today so that’s what he’s been doing!  I’m usually ahead of the game and would already have my post done (or at at least my pictures)  the day before if not earlier, but I had today off so I’ve procrastinated a bit and our room is currently a HOT MESS.  

So I stumbled upon the idea of 5 Basics You Need in Your Wardrobe.  I don’t want you to think that because I share a lot about clothes that I have an insane amount of them (some might beg to differ – like my husband).  So first off here’s a picture of where all of my hanging pieces are.  These are mainly fall/winter pieces.  I’m still having to switch out clothes for the seasons because our closet isn’t done.  Long story short we’ve transformed an attic of about 900 sq. feet into living space so we’re still in the works of the final touches…including my closet. It actually used to be where our twins slept when we first moved from our main floor to our upstairs!  It was super handy, but they have their own room now!  So for now this organizer from Walmart and a dresser are what house our clothes until we’re ready to tackle the closet!


1. Sneakers // Every girl needs one pair of sneakers that they can throw on for casual or with their favorite denim! I love shoes, but sneakers are a must. They’re comfortable and go with just about anything, including sundresses! I lived in my white Sperrys last summer. A white pair might seem daunting to keep clean, but the pair I have are easy to wipe down! Converse are also a great option! I like the shoreline style because I think they’re the most comfortable . If you’d like to add a little sparkle to your step Dolce Vita has my heart when it comes to statement sneakers with the addition of comfort! So here’s a roundup of my favorites, but really any sneaker will do!


2. Cardigan or Blazer // Either one of these pieces can make your outfit go from plain jane to making a statement. One of my favorite looks is wearing a graphic tee with a blazer or cardigan! There’s just something about it that makes the outfit stand out more! I have this cardigan in two colors and need to add the black to my wardrobe soon. It looks good with leggings dressed down or is great for layering for work. The options are endless!


3. Head Band // Some of you might be thinking… really a headband. YES! We all have bad hair days right!? Headbands are so easy and look good with your hair pulled up or down. I think the key is finding ones that don’t hurt your head! My favorite brand of headbands is J. Crew and I also love these new ones I got for Christmas!


4. Leggings // I could live in leggings! But they have to be the right fit! I don’t like them to be too tight. Leggings are a piece that you can turn from lounging on the weekends to pairing with a tunic and cardigan to work. My favorite affordable legging brand has to be Aerie! They’re hands down the softest and most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn! They come in so many sizes, styles and lengths! I like to catch them on sale, but would pay full price because they’re that good! I’ve also found a couple of pairs from Old Navy that I’m liking! If you’re looking to splurge go with SPANX. They’re the “cats meow.”


5. Black Denim // Of course, having a pair of denim jeans is a staple for any closet… but beyond that I think having a pair of black denim will get you even further! They’re flattering, slimming and go with everything!! They can be dressed up or down! I’ve shared my favorite Amazon jeans time and time again and am still loving them! They have come out with several new colors and are super affordable! Also, you can’t go wrong with Old Navy jeans. Again, affordable and there are sooo many styles to choose from. I’m sharing some of the styles I have below!


What’s a staple in your closet!? Please share in the comments below!

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