Valentine’s Day Gift Guide…

Ohh Valentine’s Day! I feel like it’s a love or greatly dislike (I don’t like the word HATE) holiday. I don’t mind it now that we have kids because I love celebrating ALL things with them, but I can’t say that my husband and I have done anything super romantic or crazy to celebrate in the past. Dinner is usually as exciting as it gets… if that even happens!
So now that we have 3 kids and way too many toys we’ve decided to switch it up! This year we’ve decided to do more of an experience and ditch the “stuff!” Yes, we’ll still get them a treat and maybe a little something, but we know they’ll have more fun making memories then something they’ll play with for a few hours. Shhhh… we’re renting out a Gymnastics facility for them to play at! I can’t wait and I know they’ll have the best time!
When I was thinking about writing this post and talking more about an experience I thought what better way then with a gift basket! These can be soo easy to throw together! Simply pick out a cute bag, basket, tote, tin, add some tissue paper and ribbon to add color and whala!

Kids Ideas
All things baking – cookie or cupcake mix, sprinkles, new spatula or apron, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, kids cookbook
A popcorn and movie night – popcorn, favorite candy, movie or movie tickets
Bookworm – Books, blanket, stuffed animal and a sweet treat
Spa basket – soft socks, nail polish, foot mask and a nail file or a gift certificate for a mani or pedicure
Craft basket- markers, crayons, paper, water colors, glue (all your kids favorite art supplies)

*If your child has chores you could give them a couple certificates for free passes or special time with Mommy. These would only cost you your time!

Don’t make it hard on yourself! Between Walmart and the Dollar Tree you can put together a basket that your child/ren will be sure to love! The best part is you can do something together to create long lasting memories!

~ Scroll through to see how I made up a Movie Night gift basket!


Girls, if you don’t have a sweetheart this year maybe you’d like to get something for a Galentine (female friend)!

Galentine Gift Baskets:
Wine themed- wine, cheese, cheese knife, cutting board and wine glasses
Beauty themed – face mask, hand lotion, cozy socks, nail polish, tweezers, lip gloss, a manicure or pedicure appointment
Cozy – blanket, pillow, mug, candle, cozy socks and a book
Favorites- put together a basket of a few of her favorite things
Sweets- a basket with favorite snacks and drinks


Gift Baskets for Him:
Car themed – cleaning wipes, car wash certificate, sprays, hand cleaning mit
Outdoorsman themes – fishing and hunting items
Self Care- razor, face lotion, after shave
Sports themed- hat, t-shirt, favorite snacks , coasters and a mug

* Simply a dinner date! Sometimes those are far and few between so try to plan it into your schedule!

Certificates for time-outs to yourself or for house chores to be done! This could cost you no money because you could write down your ideas on something as simple as a post- it note or of course you can get creative and print something! This would be great for your spouse or even a family member!


Please share in the comments if you have any Gift Basket ideas!

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