The Gram vs Reality

So let’s get this out of the way right from the gitgo. Have you seen those funny photos on your Facebook feed of the Instagram vs Reality ? If not, here’s one.

The photo below isn’t of me, but I think it poses a pretty good representation of Instagram vs. Reality.


I’ve thought a lot about this and catch myself comparing to other people I follow. Blogging is completely new to me! And to be honest, sharing much of anything on social media other than a photo here and there!

The main bloggers I follow have beautiful photos and typically everything is neat and in order. If you don’t know me, I have three children under the age of five. Might I add, like just turned four in June and twins that will be two in November. If that tells you anything. They’re busy and into everything!!

It’s seriously like herding kittens! Enough said!

So let’s use a visual and have some fun to represent some:

Instagram vs Reality at the Havens’ house.

I’m noting this because it bugs me daily. The plan is for the TV to be mounted to the shiplap for all you Joanna Gaines fans!

I’m noting this because it bugs me daily. The plan is for the TV to be mounted to the shiplap for all you Joanna Gaines fans!

Yes, clearly the top photo is, “Oh hey, lets tidy everything up I need to take a photo.” The bottom photo is, well, typically what it’s like living with toddlers on a a day to day basis and no I didn’t stage the mess!!


I want to be as transparent and honest as I can be! So please note that through this journey, I might have taken 20 photos before getting everyone smiling, the kitchen in perfect order, or stellar light for an outfit shot. Having it all put together all the time, just isn’t us and I wouldn’t want you to think that!!

Yes, this is after one meal with two toddlers and a four year old. Do I stand alone, or do other’s struggle with the sticky hands, throwing food on the floor, and often times wondering how it’s possible to get applesauce there? A BIG part of my day is spent cleaning up the kitchen!

I digress.

I plan to share the pretty and the messy!! So I hope this resonates with someone else that wonders, “How can these people be so put together all the time!?” Well, while there are some super moms out there that might, most of us are taking one day at a time and that’s A’okay!

Side note: I do tidy up constantly through out the day!! However, when all three kiddos are on the move, it’s like a tornadoes on repeat and I struggle to keep up! More to come on tidying up!


“Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep your chin up!

“We’ve got this!!”

Do you ever wonder how other people you follow on social media always seem to have it all put together? Please share in the comments below!

  1. Megan Whitney says:

    A big YES to all of this! It’s hard to keep the house tidy with one 10 month old LOL! One photo never tells the whole story. Love your decorations!

    • Ashlyn Havens says:

      Yes, and as he grows he’ll just get into more!! I’ve finally been able to let go of some of my OCD with keeping the house clean and as long as it’s tidy I’m at ease! Thanks most are from Hobby Lobby!

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