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If you’ve never heard of Thrive Market than your’re in the same boat I was a few months ago. I had seen it advertised on Facebook, but hadn’t looked into it much until a friend of mine mentioned it. Thrive Market has over 6,000 wholesome foods, home and beauty products. They guarantee savings, offer free samples and deals. Having the option to have food shipped to your house during a pandemic is a necessity!!

The GREAT thing is the membership is free to teachers, low income, and vets. You just need to have an account. If you still have questions reach out and I’ll help you set it up!! I qualified for the free membership because I’m a teacher. However, I think paying the monthly membership would totally be worth it. The membership is $9.95 a month.

YOU can try the membership out now for $5/month 30 days risk free!!

They have carbon-neutral shipping, zero waste warehouses, and recyclable/compostable packing!!

They have carbon-neutral shipping, zero waste warehouses, and recyclable/compostable packing!!


They carry ketogenic, gluten free, vegan, and organic items to fit your diet needs! The great thing is there are many others that can be checked out here.In the beginning you’ll be asked a series of questions to personalize your shopping experience. Thrive isn’t just great for people trying to eat healthier and diet, but also for those with peanut allergies and gluten!



I’m sharing a few things we purchased in our first Thrive Market order. Please note I never said I’m super healthy so yes I’m the person that wants to try out the chips (strong addiction to chips) and gummy bears, but hey it’s something different and healthier!!

A few things that I loved… it’s hard to only choose a few, but the Purely Elizabeth granola was AMAZING!!! I’m still using the Pecan Caramel coffee creamer and loving it! The kiddos loved the Bob’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Bites and of course the whole family loved the Smart Sweets Gummy Bears!! We love Gummy Bears at this house!! The chips and Simple Mills Cookies were also fantastic. I’m still in the wanting to try out new products stage. For our next order I have a few items I’ll repurchase from this last box, but want to try out some other food.


I placed our order on a Friday and it was delivered by Wed. You can set up monthly auto renewal shipments. This would be a fantastic option if there are certain vitamins, condiments, beauty products or other items you need monthly! I’m thinking the gummy bears need to be auto-renewed!!

Reasons to love Thrive:

  • Fast, free, carbon-neutral shipping

  • Free gifts and samples

  • They’ll price match if you find the product for less somewhere else!!

  • You can shop by over 70 diets and values

  • Every annual membership sponsors one for a family in need!

The customer service is fantastic!! I needed some help signing up for the free membership. I was able to do the live chat and get it taken care of with no problems!!

The Verdict is in and I highly recommend giving Thrive a try!! Use the link here to get 25% off of your first Thrive Market order!!

Have you tried Thrive Market before? If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

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