The “Why” Behind Triple the Flair…

As I was trying to decide what to write about for today I thought it might be time to go into more depth on the “ why” behind Triple the Flair!

In my first blog post I shared about what sparked my interest in wanting to start a blog. It simply started 4 years ago with wanting to upload a picture to Pinterest and not being able to because I didn’t have a blog. I did a Pinterest search on blogging and quickly thought there’s no way I can do that. And that was the end of it!!

As the years passed and we went from having one to three kids I found that while I absolutely love being a mom I wanted to have a personal niche. Sometimes I think we loose ourselves in “momming” and all the things that go along with it. I wanted something that I would personally look forward to and feel accomplished. I’ve had several ideas over the years with fashion, but they all seemed as though they were fads and I never pulled the trigger on any of them.

Pinterest has always been my jam. I love pinning outfit ideas, recipes, organization ideas, and kid things. When my husband and I sat down to plan our 2019-2020 goals this past year I was nervous about doing this… because once something is put on paper it makes it real, right!? But I knew it was time. If I didn’t make starting a blog a goal, when was I going to?

Goals that are not WRITTEN are not goals, they are wishes that will never happenWRITE it down!”

Dec 31, 2019 Dave Ramsey


Who knew having 3 kids under 5 and full time jobs would be the perfect time to start a new project!?

How many times have you said:
I’ll start the diet on Monday…
I’ll start going to bed earlier…
I’m going to start getting up earlier…
I’m going to work out 5x a week…
We’re going to start setting a timer for screen time…
I’m going to follow through with my discipline…
We’ll stick to our budget this month…
I’m going to quit drinking soda…

All of these things come up and if you just keep TALKING about them….. does it really matter!?

I don’t think we truly change until we can attach significance to something and we put meaning behind it. I also think you can’t have “too many irons in the fire.” You need to zone in on one thing at a time.. make it a routine and then move on to the next thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to be a morning person, but what’s my motivation behind wanting to do this. Why is it really important to me!? Once I can figure that out, than I can work towards it. Have I ever written this goal down on paper? NO!

It’s easy…. if I wake up earlier I can work out (which is a whole other category of goals in itself), I could drink my coffee before the kids wake up, work on my blog, do a load of laundry. But so far this goal doesn’t hold as much importance and I don’t have enough drive to make this work. This isn’t to say that I won’t someday. For now, I’m enjoying my sleep too much!

“Having conversations is wonderful, but taking action is what makes the difference!”

So I knew just like any of these other things it couldn’t just be something I talk about! This was a goal I set personally and I needed and wanted something for me. Do I think that’s selfish…NO!! If you have dreams you shouldn’t put them off because you’re a mom!


When will you have time!? As your kids get older don’t you become even busier!? Ours are still young … our oldest (4 years) has already started dance and swimming lessons are on the agenda for the near future. I know our calendars are only going to fill up from there!!

It’s O.K.A.Y to dream. Please, do! Put your dreams on paper! Talk to your spouse about them, your family and your friends!

Was I nervous about telling my spouse I wanted to start a blog, no!? He knew it had been on my mind, but I kept putting it off while waiting for the perfect time! Is there really a perfect time!? I mean, I started my blog during a pandemic!


I was nervous about telling my family and friends. Not because I didn’t think they’d support me, but because starting a blog was out of my comfort zone! I think a lot of times we don’t start new things because we’re afraid of failing. My thought was- if I never start one than I don’t have to worry about failing, the “naysayers”, people judging me, that I’m not good at it, no one will read my content, I can’t keep up with it, I’m not a good writer…. ALL the Things!!!


I’ve never been one to post a lot on social media. I was the person that was completely content with not doing anything, but a picture here or there!
Now I’ve done a complete 360! I’m posting an Outfit of the Day! Sometimes I wonder if people are annoyed with all my posts… but then I remember my “why.” I’m doing this to help and inspire other women going through the same journey I am. This is my dream and passion and I’m going to “own” it regardless of what others think. I want to connect with other women and moms and learn from them as well!
What I’ve found so far on this blogging journey is that when you have a dream that your passionate about… those emotions of anxiety and what people think go to the backburner! They get pushed behind you because when you turn that dream into reality and become a “doer” instead of “talker” you start to build your confidence.


When your passionate about something you’ll push through the ups and downs! You’ll find time for it, if it’s really important to you. This can’t speak anymore truth to me. Every night after the kids go to bed I’m writing, planning, and learning because I’m passionate about my blog. If you would’ve told me 4 years ago that I’d stop sitting down in the evenings and watching my favorite shows on Netflix I would’ve thought you were crazy! I’m not saying I don’t ever watch TV, but if I do now… it’s more of a treat.

So when you find that ONE thing that you’ve always wanted to do, if you’re truly passionate about it, you’ll find time to carve out for it! I didn’t believe it, until it’s evolved into what it is now. Writing and creating has become a routine that I thoroughly enjoy and I don’t question.

I’m loving blogging whether one person reads it or ten people because I’m reaching people all around the world! That alone, is amazing to me! It’s what keeps my fire ignited. I don’t want to let myself or my readers down!

I want Triple the Flair to be a place where moms and women can be inspired and have some laughs along the way.

The name:

Triple = We have three kids

Flair= I’m a teacher + love flair pens + it’s all about having some flair in your style!

download (1).png

If I hadn’t written down the goal to start a blog for this year do I think it would’ve happened? Probably not. The thought of goal setting for the years to come is something I’m going to look forward to because I’ve taken the first step in following my dreams!!

I hope that if you’re not dreaming – you start!

I hope that you write down your dreams and turn them into goals!

I hope that you choose to focus on one goal and become really good at it!

I hope the best for you!

Thank you, thank you to anyone and everyone that’s followed along with me thus far! I have big hopes and dreams about the future of my blog and I’m so excited for you to continue on this journey with me!!



Do you do any goal setting? Please share in the comments below!

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