The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday…

Wow… our twins are two! It’s hard to believe! Lots of people in my life have always said, “They grow up so fast, enjoy every moment of it.” I don’t think you realize it until your living through it and start looking back on memories. There are definintely days where my husband and I both give each other a look… like how are we surviving this twin thing!!

They’re hitting the terrible twos. The tantrums are starting, throwing things, saying, “No” and it’s a wonder sometimes how we get through the days. We’re trying our best not to wish time away because we know they’ll be teenagers in the blink of an eye.

If our family is trying to see the good in things from COVID I would have to say the extra family time. We do enjoy going to the movies, staying in hotels, swimming at the pool, going out to eat, and YES going to the Magic House in St. Louis, Science Center and many more of the “germ infested” places! While it has been challenging at times being cooped up with the kids I know this is a time like “no other” and hopefully we can ALL continue to push through.

So with that being said we had planned to have several families for a birthday party, but it didn’t work out as the cases in our area spiked. It ended up just being our immediate family. While it was a bummer – they’re young and there are so many other things people have and will miss out on as this continues. I feel for all of the little ones that are old enough to understand and are missing out on things they’ve been looking forward to. My heart breaks, but hopefully through all of this we’re raising some tough kids!!

On to the party…

I’m a teacher and when I taught Preschool I loved, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had all of the puppets and there were always so many activities that went along with the book! Having boy/girl twins I had trouble deciding on a theme so I felt it was appropriate to do a book that was gender neutral! As far as dress goes I’m All about getting things that can be worn for multiple occasions. I couldn’t find a shirt that wouldn’t break the bank since everything is x2 so I ended up buying them pajamas and our 4 year old a t-shirt that she can wear again! I was very pleased with the quality of both!



I got ALL of the decorations from Amazon. I do enjoy decorating for their birthdays, but don’t like to go overboard. I try to stick with table cloths because they can spruce up any occasion and plates/cups/napkins that go along with the theme. I just bought one set of The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed items and planned to pick up some red paper plates and cups. Since we kept it so small I didn’t have the need for that! I also bought a lantern caterpillar that we hung up.


Cake and Sweet Treats

Thankfully I have a mother and mother-in-law that are AMAZING bakers! My mom always makes sugar cookies that go along with the theme and my mother-in-law has made the cakes in the past. Well this is the year of 2020… Enough. Said. So I had our local grocery store make the cake. It was a cupcake cake, which I’m sure I could’ve done, but to be honest it was $22 well spent!! Since the twins party didn’t fall on their birthday we enjoyed the cupcakes and the sugar cookies at the party and saved the small round cake to celebrate on their actual birthday.



We kept it pretty simple for their gifts. We got Vivian a baby cradle and a baby and Vince a lego duplo construction set. They both love chairs so I was able to catch a couple buy one get one 75% off at Dollar General, of all places!! We also got them some new boots (Vince and Vivian), hats and a book. I always buy them several things they need because I know they’ll get spoiled by everyone else. And my OCD will kick in when we have too many toys sitting around the house!

Twins Birthday Gifts.png

Even though it wasn’t like our typical birthday celebrations… we played it safe and still had a blast!

So lets bring on the terrible twos…

Anyone out there with small children, “You’ve Got This!” and “You Rock!”

Keep pushing through!!

Do you like to have themed birthday parties!? Please share in the comments below!

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