12 Must Have Activities for Kids to take on Road Trips…

If you have children or grandchildren being Mary Poppins for long car rides or at a restaurant is a MUST! Our family has a long journey ahead of us as we travel to Destin, FL. While I was surfing the web for things to have on hand for the car and while eating out these are the items I found. They’re all $20 and below! They would also be great items for rainy days! Some are things that we currently have, while others are items I’ve added to my list!

Tip: Always keep a bag on hand in your car filled with a few items. This way – whatever spontaneity life brings you’re always prepared! And this is something I learned the hard way for the diaper bag as well!

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Linking Rings // This is soo simple, but can keep little’s entertained at a restaurant. And when I say littles, I even mean 7 and 8 year olds! They can link these up and make different shapes or even link their names! These can easily be stored in a Ziploc in the diaper or activity bag! Better yet, mom or Grandmas purse!

Wikki Stix // Wikki Stix are great for the imagination! These sticks can be used as a fidget, formed into characters on paper and used in letter and number cards. The options are endless with this $5 activity!

Silicone Baking Liners // You might be wondering…. what on earth would you use these for!? This variety pack is great! Of course these can be used for all of your favorite sweet treats in the kitchen, but for Road trips they can be the perfect portions for snacks and sorting! If your toddler is getting anxious while waiting at a restaurant throw in a few snacks you have on hand! These can also be stacked and made into houses, forts or whatever your little desires!

Lacing Set & Lacing Beads // These are perfect for fine motor development! The lacing cards can be used in the car and the beads are perfect for restaurants. These are also great sets because there are multiples, whether you have multiple kids or friends along for the ride!

Water Wow // If you haven’t heard of Water Wow you’ve been missing out. These are genius. If your kids aren’t old enough to figure out how to open them they’re great for the car. Fill them with water and they’ll keep your kids occupied until the next potty break! Ask the waiter for some water and you can buy yourself some time to finish your last few bites of supper!

Zollipops // These are super handy to have on hand as a last resort or after dinner snack! Maybe a bribe… ! Any sucker will work! It’s amazing what some kids will do for candy! If your kids are too little for suckers and prefer fruit snacks I’d have a stash on hand!

Mini Pop Bubble // I teach 3rd Grade and this has been all the rave among the 8 year olds. We had this one before they were cool. These things are perfect for pretty much anytime. They can easily be stored in your purse and have Zero mess. They come in a crazy amount of colors and designs. They even make ones that can clipped to bags and jean loops!

Mini Tubes // I find these intriguing as an adult so I’m sure toddlers to middle aged kids can use their brains to Create all sorts of things. They make great fidgets, can be linked, twisted and connected. A photo even showed a jump rope being made!

Play -Doh // This Play -Doh kit is perfect because it comes with everything you need including the handy zipper bag. The nice thing about Play – Doh is it’s cheap and easily replaceable when it dries out! This is a great option for a restaurant and is sure to encourage creativity! I wouldn’t recommend it for the car!

Scratch Paper // If your kids love to color, but you’re not up for taking markers this scratch paper is the way to go! This set comes with 5 Wooden Stylus so the fun doesn’t stop at one! The colors are bright and the artwork is only a scratch away! It’s also smearproof! They’re a Win for everyone! This would be a great option for a restaurant!

Writing Tablet // This color screen tablet comes with a stylus, has a one-click clear button and a lock key. There are a variety of colors offered. It’s 10 inches and will fit in most diaper/book bags and is perfect for kids 3+. Take it in the car, at a restaurant and inside wherever you’re staying for an endless amount of mess free art!

Mini Potato Heads // We don’t have this exact set, but a similar one and it has been one of the most played with items EVER used at a restaurant! Our kids love these. The mini set is perfect because this can easily be stored in a bag or kept in the car. It comes with 4 mini Toy Story themed potato heads.

Mess Free Coloring // Yet again another Amazing idea! These mess free sets come in so many different options. This Baby Shark set comes with 5 markers and 18 coloring pages. Our kids love these and they truly are mess free!

When you’re gearing up for a Road trip it’s always important to have a few additional accessories to stay clean and organized! Here are few items with great reviews that might help your trip go smoother!

Happy Traveling & Eating Out!


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