Sams Club Review

*This isn’t sponsored the thoughts and review are my own. I just really Love Sams and wanted to share some of our favorites!

Where are all of my Sams Club members? I know there are so many others similar to Sams Club like Costco for example, but Sams Club is the only one near us. To be a Sams Club member you have to pay $45 a year, for a yearly membership.We always renew ours as we visit frequently. We have two locations near us, one in Quincy, IL and one in Springfield, IL. They both offer similar items. You have to be a member in order to purchase items from the store or online.

Some features we love are you can buy items in bulk, order online (they have an app that keeps your frequently bought items), and you can even order and pick up your items without even going into the store!! We just used this feature and it worked seamlessly. Some other perks are they have such a variety and what I like to say is “different” stuff! They have everything from TV’s, patio furniture, exclusive items such as swing sets, books, clothes, beauty products, and the list continues!

Being a family of five I like to stock up on certain items that are easy to have on hand. I’m sharing some items that we love to buy for our family and are always repeats!!


We LOVE their produce! It’s always fresh and keeps well! Clearly, we like to buy several fruits and veggies in bulk!

If you didn’t know about Sams ranch, you can thank me later! It’s one our favorites! We had been out of it for a while and I was so glad to get my hands on another bottle! A healthy option would be to pair it with All those veggies! Right now it’s the only way I can get my children to eat their vegetables. Most of the time they just lick the ranch off, but hey, I tried!!

Another item that’s great for lunches or a mid-day snack are the Members Mark (Sams brand) chicken salad cups. They come in a pack of 6. I love taking these in my lunch. Sometimes I pair them with crackers or just eat them straight from the container. It’s that good!

I’m not a huge dark chocolate lover, but I can easily find myself going back for more of these sea salt thins! I like to stick them in the fridge! They are great for curing that sweet tooth!

If you have kids and didn’t know, well now you know about, Go Go Squeez. They’re awesome!! It’s fruits and veggies in a squeeze form! These are always packed in the diaper bag, great for picnics, or backyard snack breaks!!

The great thing about all of these items is they’re all in bulk! We’ve recently been loving their chunky guacamole! It’s great with pita chips, veggies, or in quesadillas! The Chobani Flips are my absolute favorite yogurt and my family loves them too! We should probably start buying two cases as we’ll go through it in a week!

This picnic table has gotten soooo much use over the past couple of years! We’ve used it indoors and outdoors! They still get these in seasonally, offering several different colors!

This picnic table has gotten soooo much use over the past couple of years! We’ve used it indoors and outdoors! They still get these in seasonally, offering several different colors!

Additional Items that frequently make the list:
Taco seasoning
Ranch Dressing Dry Mix (this comes in a large container instead of having to buy the individual packets for dip)
Velveeta Cups- these are great to have on hand for the kiddos!
Pampers Diapers and Sensitive Wipes (sometimes if you buy two boxes of diapers you can get $10 off and they usually ship in 2 days)
Body Wash
Toilet paper and paper towels
Allergy medicine
I always check out their clothes, decorations, toys, and outdoor items!

If you’d like to check out more items Sams Club offers, click here.

If your’re a Sams Club member what are some of your go-to items? If you aren’t a member, but have other questions please let me know in the comments!

  1. Andrea Scott says:

    We love the trash bags, paper plates, Members Mark diapers, culturelle, Gray storage baskets, laundry soap, and dishwasher soap. We also just got the black saucer swing and both girls love it!

    • Ashlyn Havens says:

      Ohh I need to check into these storage baskets!! We have the black saucer swing too and love it!! Thanks for sharing! Miss you!

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