October Amazon Haul…

Another month… Another Amazon Haul!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to try to get my Christmas shopping done as early as possible! I ordered my daughters Halloween costume about a month in advance and it said the arrival was mid November sooo…. I have a feeling things might become even more delayed as the demand for items during the holiday shopping season arises! With that being said… I did order a bunch of their gifts this month, but they aren’t in so be sure to check back next month for all my must haves for the kiddos!

I can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas shopping and we aren’t even to Halloween yet, let alone Thanksgiving. I’m seeing a lot of people post things about not being able to wait for 2020 to be over. While I understand that given the pandemic, in the same breath, do we really want to wish time away. There have been a lot of heartbreaks, but there have also been a lot of joys no matter how big or small. There are still positive things happening all over the world day in and day out. While a new year might bring brighter outlooks and fresh starts, I’m wondering how much different things are going to look in the dead of winter. Just a thought!

I digress…

Lets start with self care!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may make a small commission off of qualifying purchases.


Tinkle Razors// Can’t stop won’t stop! These razors are a repeat buy! I can’t get enough of them! Once you start tinkling you won’t want to stop! Using these 1x/week makes a huge difference on how your makeup applies and your overall skin looks! They don’t hurt and the hair doesn’t grow back thicker!

Mens Razor// I had mentioned what seems like forever ago about trying out the Flamingo Razor from Target. I’ll be doing a blog post soon on a few different razors I’ve been trying. For now I wanted to try out something from Amazon as well. It’s nothing fancy.

Genteele Memory Faom Bath Mat Non-Slip// While looking for some new bath mats for our bathroom, I knew Amazon was the place to go! I love looking at the reviews! While other online stores can lend themselves to doing this I find that Amazon is very user friendly in reading and seeing the stars and reviews. These bath mats are so soft and feel like you’re on clouds!


Didn’t See That Coming// I must say I’m more of a children’s book kinda gal than adult literature. When I do read adult books I like to read ones that will add value to my life with an occasional leisure read. Some examples are: Leadership books, financial, organization, etc… I have read a couple of Rachel Hollis’s book including Girl Stop Apologizing and Girl Wash Your Face. They were such quick reads because she’s blunt and has some ideas that really resonated with me about goal setting and inspiration. I was quick to buy her new book. I’m not currently going through anything where I felt the need to buy the book for personal gain, other than I like her books. I figured surely I’ll have something to take away from it!

Containers// These containers are perfect for storage. They’ll probably fit under most beds or stack up nicely in a closet! I’ve used them per request from a coworker to organize my reading and writing materials. They’ve worked perfectly! I love anything clear for storage. The uses for these are endless!

Womens Leopard Print Leather// Leopard print might have to be one of my favorite things!! You can’t go wrong with a pop of color! This belt can have you stylish all year long and is super affordable!


The Doll Maker Girls Shoes// A Dorothy Halloween costume wouldn’t be complete without some red slippers! When it comes to buying kids items I like to ensure they can be used for multiple things. While their costumes can always be used for dress up the shoes for the costumes were items I wanted to be used after Halloween. These shoes might not be sparkly, but I know they’ll get some good use after the holiday!

Little Mermaid Ariel// Ariel has to have shoes to match, right!? These jelly shoes have been a hit with our 4 year old. She loves shoes and these were no exception. She’s been sporting these around the house for several weeks now and I know they’ll be perfect for dress up and come spring! You can’t forget the Ariel dress for dress up! I found one similar to the one pictured here.

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