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This might have to be my favorite edition of my 5 favorite things! All of these are items I use daily and am seriously loving! They’re affordable and useful! I love sharing my finds with you and have so many more things to come. Be sure to check back at the end of the month for my monthly Amazon Haul because it’s sure to be a big one with so many more every day items!

Billie Razor // I’ve been meaning to do a review on these razors for a while… but in the grand scheme of things does anyone really want to read a blog post about razors… well I’m not sure!!  I figure you just want to know what the best is and leave out the rest!  So with that being said I’m only sharing the best. Drum roll..  The Billie razor!!! If this is the first time you’ve heard of this, it probably won’t be the last!  I’ve been using this for a year now and LOVE it.  I’m a shave every day, can’t stand stubs kinda gal and this razor has allowed me to go two days without having to shave if I don’t want to.  I don’t mind it, so I do it daily, but hey if you don’t like to daily this might be the razor for you!  This razor has outstanding reviews and you can make it a subscription if you wish or you can stock up the first time and order as needed by logging back into your account.  I’ve also tried their shaving cream and it’s great too, but honestly I just use body wash!  Oh and it even has a magnetic holder. No more razors taking up your space and easy to find and use!


Honeydew Pajamas //  My oh my!!  I’ve never spent a lot on pajamas.  Actually, I still haven’t because I asked for these for Christmas.  This set has hands down turned me into the need for buying matching sets.  For one, who doesn’t want to feel “cute” while lounging around the house and 2 I’ve slept in these multiple nights!  I’ve never been one to sleep in pajama pants because lets face it they get all jumbled up and uncomfortable, but these PJ’s have brought pajamas to a whole other level.  I’m now on the matching pajamas train!! I wear the same pajamas multiple days in a row sooo give me a couple nicer sets and bring on the beauty sleep!


Vanishing Tummy Soma Under Garments //  So when I thought about sharing these I was thinking in my head “ Do I dare take a picture of these – as in a flat lay” ha!  I opted to let you check them out yourself.  However, now that I’ve tried them I could do an entire post on them!  Prior to discovering the Soma no show (they have this stuff on them that literally holds them in place all dayyy long and you don’t even know it’s there), muffin top helper, feels like you’re wearing nothing panties… I wore Warner’s muffin top helpers and while they were comfortable, they did show. Now I’m NEVER turning back.!! If this tells you anything I did the 5 pairs deal the first order I made and I ordered 7 more pairs a week ago!!  I should be set for quite some time.  These are the greatest! 
 And the special treat is they’re having their Semi Annual Sale right now so you can get an extra 25% off, that’s why I snagged mine. I only bought the colors that were on sale… because that’s me and if you buy 5 pairs you get an extra 70% off select colors. They’re true to size. I ordered a M and they fit perfectly!
I’ve heard great things about their bras as well… yet to try them, but will let ya know when I do!

CLUCI Womens Backpack // This bag has been a life saver!  I needed something new to take to and from work.  I was using an old Vera Bradley and it wasn’t big enough and couldn’t be wiped down.  The reasons I like this bag are because it’s soft and simple, comes in sooo many colors, affordable and versatile.  Even if I didn’t need a teacher bag this is great to use as a purse or even a diaper bag!  There is tons of room!  Another thing I’ve shared before is my sunglasses case.  This works perfectly with this bag so your favorite sunnies are safe and handy!


Toothbrush holder //  At times,  I’m a sucker for gadgets.  I actually just bought one from Amazon that I might share and tell you Not to buy!  I’ll leave that for my monthly Amazon haul.  So about this toothbrush “magic” dispenser.  I figured my husband would think it was a waste of money and the night we put it up (it requires no screws/just a sticky) he immediately said we need to get the kids one.  We both can’t stand clutter and the mess kids toothpaste can make or should I say they can make.  The second night he said, “ I look forward to brushing my teeth.”  We’ll be getting the two paste dispenser for the kids since the twins are still using training toothpaste. This is worth it, if you have a space for it!


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