Keenz Stroller Wagon Review…



Lets talk strollers!! The Keenz stroller wagon is by far the best stroller wagon E.V.E.R.! When on the hunt for a stroller I was debating between your typical stroller and a wagon.

We have toddler twins and a 4 year old. I wanted something that if needed I could put all 3 kids in. I also wanted something that could be used for a LONG time and repurposed!


As I started my research I stumbled upon the Keenz Stroller Wagon. This wagon has all of the bells and whistles! Although it’s pricey, it’s something we’ll use for years to come so it was worth it! We also had a gift card to put towards it!!
So without further ado here’s my review on the Keenz Stroller:

We’ve had the stroller for over a year now and have no complaints! We’re still loving it!!

Do you prefer a stroller or stroller wagon!? Please share in the comments below!

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