February Amazon Haul…

Whew what a whirlwind of a week we’ve had! This post is a day late because I had to give my little man all the snuggles as he’s been under the weather. Glad to finally be able to get this post out! As per usual there were some great finds this past month! I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to share some of the items because… so is life at it’s busiest! Our twins have been staying up later now that it’s lighter longer here and we’ve been enjoying all the nice weather and sunshine!

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.


Now onto the good stuff! After looking back – this month has sooo much beauty! One of them being a game changer for removing my makeup! So be sure to read on to see what I’ve been using!

Womens Tunic// I’ve shared the black tunic I have in this and loved it so much that I’ve since picked up a white one! These are soft, wash up well , the perfect length and very comfortable! I’m wearing a size medium for reference.



Little Tikes T-Ball Set // The kiddos will be getting this come Easter! I love that they’ll be able to do it themselves and that the tee allows for storage. This is great because it can be used indoors or outdoors. This is a good way to introduce your kiddos to baseball and is a good gross motor activity!
Toy Story // Our children are obsessed with Toy Story and we almost have the whole collection of characters. We were short a few so we picked up Slinky, Bo Peep and I found a set that includes Forky and Beverly. I looked for the ones with the best reviews and while our kids are getting them for Easter I have looked them over and they’re all a good size!


Womens Distressed Criss Cross Hat// This hat comes in so many colors and is perfect for anyone that loves to put their hair in a pony! I sometimes like to wear mine in a high pony, but it’s always a pain with my other hat. This one allows for several different spots for you to put your hair up. It’s comfortable and comes in many colors. The solid ones would be perfect for putting a monogram on!


Elastic Hair Band Remover // If you have girls or you use clear hair ties and dislike taking them out like me… than this is your new best friend! BUT be careful not to get any hair tangled in the tie. I did this to myself and lets say might have snagged a few hairs. So it does work – just use it with caution! It’s so much easier to use on my daughter because I can see better!
L’Oreal Paris Bronzer // I’m loving this bronzer! It gives the perfect glow and is $12. It will probably last me a year! It comes in several different shades. I have the shade medium. I had a small sparkle to it. I’m wearing it in this photo!


Bidoerma Micellar Water // If you get anything beauty from this post I would recommend this and the wipes I’ve shared below! I’ve never been able to find a makeup remover or wipe that doesn’t irritate my eyes and I’ve finally found just the thing. I won’t be turning back! I bought the small bottle to make sure I like the way it takes off my makeup and once it runs out I’ll be purchasing the biggest one offered! This is seriously like magic! It even gets off tough mascara!
White Rabbit Cotton Wipes // I’m not a huge washcloth person when it comes to washing your face. I’d want to get a fresh one daily and that adds more laundry! Soo again these cotton pads along with the micellar water are a complete makeup remover game changer! You pour some micellar water on a wipe, watch the magic happen and dispose of the cloth! It just takes one cloth and you can get a box with 200. So if you do the math you’re only 165 days short of being able to use one box for a whole year!


Eyelash Curler// If you’re in need of a cheap , but effective eyelash curler this one is for you! It has 27, 124 ratings. It does it’s job and is under $10. A tip I learned – if you put the curling part in your mouth, blow warm air on it , it curls your lashes even more. Crazy… but I tried it and thought it helped!
Beauty Blenders// This 5 pack of beauty blenders has 53, 254 ratings! I was in dire need of some new ones and love that they come in a 5 pack! They’re soft and effective. I always dampen mine when I put on my concealer, but you don’t have to! It’s just a beauty trick I’ve learned and think it gives a more natural look to your makeup and blends it more.


GIMME Beatuy hairbands // I was so excited when Amazon started selling these! I had wanted to try them, but you could only buy them through the companies website and since I’m a Prime Member it was great to see that @amazon carries them! My 4 year old asks for me to use these and I love them as well!! They come in several different colors! I can wrap mine 3x for the perfect high pony that stays put all day!


Popchips // These chips are sooo good! I bought the variety pack from Sams Club and loved them so much that I ordered the Sour Cream and Onion off of Amazon. You can buy the individual bags or large bags. Either way they’re gluten free, grease and guilt free! Our kids love them too and I was super pumped when I got to Sponsor them! I’ll never share anything I don’t or wouldn’t use myself and these are a family favorite!


Forehead Thermometer // I can’t tell you how many thermometers we’ve been through – other than a lot! This one reminds me of the ones they use at the Doctors office. I love that it has three colors so you don’t have to guess what’s considered a temp! It has 52, 133 ratings if that tells you anything about how much others like it! A couple days after it came in one of our little’s started running a temp… soo we’ve been able to try it out for the real deal and it works! Some features I like are it has a one second reading, fever alarm and the color coding for the temperature. It’s great for infants because you don’t have to wake them because the temp. can be taken without having to touch your child.

Until next time,