Graduation Gift Guide…

As a teacher myself, it’s hard to believe that summer is around the corner! With that in mind I wanted to put together some gift guides for all the graduates!!! What an exciting time whether from 8th grade, high school or college. They ALL call for a celebration!

There are a couple items that I received when I graduated from High School and STILL have and use them! BTW I graduated from High School in 2007 so while these might not be the exact items they’re ones that I’ve found similar finds for!

First off – as I said with Teacher Appreciation, I think anyone would appreciate a heart felt card or letter. These are things that can be cherished for years to come! If you’re looking to spend some money on a graduate I don’t think you can go wrong with a gift card or cash! I’d say any teenager can benefit from either one of these! Whether they’re saving for their first car after Junior High or buying things for their dorm room or first apartment.
* I tried to put like items together in case you want to make a gift basket, which can be fun to put together!!

This first guide has some of my all time favorites! There’s no time like NOW to have your own water bottle and this HydroJug is just the thing to make sure you get your daily water intake. If your graduate is going off to college he/she will have late nights studying and having the coffee essentials will be just the extra pick me up needed!

The key chain and alarm would be a great gift for anyone! The toolbox might seem random, but this is one of those items I got when I graduated High School. I used this and others borrowed it ALL the time! When I lived in the dorm, an apartment and a house full of girls we were constantly reaching for this! It was also used a lot in my classroom when I started my first few years of teaching! Such an affordable and useful gift!!

This is for the graduate that will be living the shower life in the dorms and lugging all the necessities! These are All great things to have. Believe me… I lived in the dorms, an apartment and house with 4 other girls girls – it’s nice to have your own things! Shower shoes for the dorms are a MUST!
While the toiletry bag pictured isn’t the one I got for my High School Graduation (mine was Vera Bradley and I still use it) it has raving reviews and I’d like to get it before our vacation this summer. A toiletry bag is so handy when you’re coming home on holiday breaks, visiting other friends or going on spring break. It’s nice to have all your bathroom essentials in one place! I still have my toiletry bag and anytime we’ve traveled I’ve used it!

If you like to make gift baskets I think this would be a perfect one to grab a laundry basket for and stick a few cozy items in!! Maybe a mason jar full of quarters too for someone that will be paying for laundry! I know when I lived in the dorms I never walked around without slippers and loved a nice fuzzy blanket to cuddle up with while studying!
I think the fragrance diffuser would be a great alternative to candles as they’re safer all around!

In today’s society I don’t think you can go wrong with providing your graduate with anything that has to do with technology! Ear buds for those long walks to class, listening to podcasts, or trying to study in the library. I have the Chromebook pictured and love it! It’s lightweight and serves its purpose wit no pop-ups! The cord savers are AMAZING! My husband and I have them on our night stands. And of course an Alexa… the tunes need to be handy for a brain break or to quickly check the weather before heading out the door!

I hope you enjoy celebrating your graduates and that this guide can help give you some ideas!

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