Girls Weekend -Lake of the Ozarks…

Wow, what a fun and relaxing weekend! I’ve been going to the Lake of the Ozarks since before I was born! The Lake brings back so many wonderful memories! Everything from tubing and skiing, Go Karts, putt-putt golf, and Miner Mikes! It’s funny to think how BIG I thought all of these places were and how much your perspective changes when you become an adult.


As a mom, when I was invited on the girl’s trip I thought, “Oh I don’t have time for a Girl’s Weekend.” The mom guilt set in when I started to think , “I can’t leave my babies for a whole weekend, but wow some time away sure would be nice.” If I’ve learned anything in the past four years with kids, as mothers, we NEED time! We need time to try new things, get dressed up, bring paper products so we don’t have to do the dishes, pack way too much food to ensure we’re not cooking, laugh so hard our bellies hurt and we cry, and kick back and have a drink or two. Allowing ourselves times like these make us better moms. We come home refreshed, recharged, and with even more to give to our kids.


With that being said, I really wanted to embrace the time away from home. I started skiing on trainer skis when I was three years old so anytime I have the chance to go skiing, I’m game! When you throw in the opportunity to try out some new water sports, it’s a no brainier.

For one, it’s a thrill!
For two, I always need to make sure I still have it, no matter how sore I know I’ll be!

To this day, the challenge of making sure I can still get up on skis gives me butterflies in my stomach. The same kind of butterflies I’d get every time before a race in Track and Field. A feeling that as a mom I think we get far too little. We don’t allow ourselves the opportunities because we’re too busy “Momming.”

I’m thankful I had the chance to ignite what I like to call my inner “Individual Butterflies” to not only ski this weekend, but also to try wake surfing and paddle boarding! I had butterflies in my stomach for an individual accomplishment, not because I was getting evaluated at work, or because I was nervous about how my child would perform on stage. This was something that was completely individual to me, my abilities, and putting myself out there. It was a new experience, and it was most definitely a thrill. A feeling that’s quick to come, but easy to forget.


As each person jumped out to try wake surfing everyone on the boat was encouraging one another by clapping and cheering, “You’ve got this and Good Job!” It was such a great feeling and the energy was All so positive. We were accomplishing things for ourselves and our smiles showed how proud we were. There was no judging, but only coaching and praise. It’s moments like this that I want to soak up! Far too often as women we internally discourage ourselves from doing things because…

“There’s a fear of saying the wrong thing, embarrassment, speaking too loudly about a topic, disagreeing with others, but not having the confidence to share your voice, not fitting in, or simply not trying something new for the fear of not being able to do it.”


As women, as mothers, we’re at times our biggest critiques. It’s when we make ourselves vulnerable and share our insecurities we find that we ALL have them. It’s reassuring to know that we don’t walk this journey alone. Lets continue to Encourage one another, cheer, give high fives (air fives for now)and say, “You Got This” because even as adults we NEED this, as much as we NEED each other.

I encourage you to try something new, put yourself out there, and challenge yourself.

Are you allowing yourself to let out your “Individual Butterflies?” Please share in the comments below!

  1. Jocelyn Holzmacher says:

    This blog post brought tears to my eyes. You are so right… we need to be more confident in ourselves and focus on the positives, on lifting each other up! Time with girlfriends where we can be real and honest is good for the soul!

    • Ashlyn Havens says:

      Thanks, Joce!! I had such a fun weekend and am so glad we got to spend quality time together!! And you totally rocked it wake ‍♀️ surfing!!

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