December Amazon Haul…

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year! Spent with the people closest to us. Call us crazy, but we took our decorations down the day after Christmas. I’m quite certain we’ve never done that before, but the kids got so many new toys that we or should I say “I” was in the organizing mood!! I’m excited that we won’t be putting things away New Years Day! A fresh start for a new year.
For this Amazon Haul I wanted to talk about a few of the new things I got! We didn’t buy a ton of new things this month because I bought most of our Christina’s gifts in November and didn’t need much in December. But I must have been on the Nice list because I got several things from my Wish List which can be found here!


Womens Headbands // I had been eyeing these headbands for a while! I love the color options and they go with so many things! I got them for Christmas and have worn one all day and it doesn’t hurt my head!!
Stocking Cap // I’ve seen this brand of hats be so popular for several years now and finally put this hat on my Christmas list! It’s warm and comes in soooo many cute color options!
YETI Rambler // WOW this mug is AMAZING!! The first cup of coffee I had with it I kept the lid on and Wowzers it was still super hot ten minutes later!! So for all you mom that never get to drink hot coffee this is your go to mug!


Pajamas // I was in dire need of some new pajamas! I’ve usually been one to wear mismatched things, but there’s something fun about wearing cute pajamas and it’s makes for easier organizing!!


Leopard Sweatpants // These sweatpants are so soft and come in several colors! Great for lounging around the house!
Organizer // I wanted something like this for all of my pens and office supplies. These would also make great for organizing

Be sure to check back next month for a few new house items I’m going to be trying out this month!

Did you get anything for Christmas from Amazon that you’re loving!? Please share in the comments below!