Family Trip to the St. Louis Zoo During COVID…

Our trip to the zoo turned into the most perfect trip! We were supposed to go on Saturday, but the forecast was heavy with rain. I was nervous we wouldn’t be able to reschedule because you have to reserve tickets ahead of time. It ALL worked out and we had the Best day!! A day spent with family (cousins), always makes for loads of fun!

Ainsley asked before going, “Will the Zookeepers have any unicorns!?” I love how given everything going on in their little worlds there’s still room for unicorns!!


I’ve always loved to go to the zoo. It’s such a neat experience to watch all of the animals and I’m a people watcher. So that always makes for some interesting views as well!! I love watching my children’s eyes light up as they see the animals and giggle about the silly things they’re doing! I’m so thankful we have such a phenomenal zoo close enough to make a day trip to!

Things to note if your headed to the STL Zoo as of September 13th, 2020:

-You must make reservations ahead of time. Reservations for a specific date become available seven days prior. The tickets are free. You will have a reserved time slot to arrive at the zoo. You can stay until the zoo closes regardless of what time slot you choose.

-You can have parties up to 10 people. We had 11 in our party so I made a separate reservation for the additional person.

-You have to wear a mask if you’re 9+ .When I say you have to wear a mask … have to have it on the whole time unless you’re eating or in one of the two mask free break areas. They did have people monitoring this and it does have to be worn above your nose as well.


-NO CASH transactions

-All of the statues and jungle/play equipment are taped off

-The staff did sanitize eating tables. We asked before we sat down and I saw them doing it through out the park.

-You’re asked not to touch the glass. I can’t say we followed this 100% as our children were quick to run up to it! Clearly this picture confirms that!


-The train was open. I didn’t see any sanitation in between this. That’s not to say they didn’t do something every hour. I can’t say for sure.

-Some exhibits were only letting in a certain amount of people at a time

-The carousel was open. Every other animal was available in a row. They sanitized the carousel every hour


We had the best weather. It was a little hot at times with the mask, but over all the sun was shinning and it wasn’t too hot for the animals to be out.

If you’re a Halloween lover they were starting to put up all of the Halloween lights. I’ve never been during the holidays, but I’ve heard it’s awesome!


This Keenz stroller is by far the BEST Stroller Wagon E.V.E.R!!! If you have twins or toddlers you’ve found your match! I did tons of research and I can tell you first hand it’s amazing. I’m planning on doing a video review of it soon! It’s easy to use, compact, a wagon with a stroller like push, has a front compartment that fits your cooler (included in purchase) and it even has shades that come down on the sides!! It’s well worth the money!!!!


Our trip to the zoo was successful because all of our children were in good moods, the weather was fantastic, the animals were out, and it wasn’t over crowded. Until next time STL Zoo!!! We love you and are so thankful for all of the Zookeepers and that it’s still on the list for being free of admission!!

What’s your favorite animal to see at the zoo!? Please share in the comments below!

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