Dentist Appointment

So our four year old bumped her tooth on a wooden rocking chair on Super Bowl Sunday in 2019. We’ve since had to switch from our local dentist to a Pediatric Dentist an hour and a half away. Since running into the rocking chair her tooth has turned blackish/gray. The first couple of weeks I had a really tough time with this! I thought about others making fun of her, her school pictures, family pictures, and if you can imagine my mommy heart hurt for her. To this day she thinks she had a cavity and that’s why it’s changed color. We’re constantly reminding her it’s nothing she’s done!! We had to make the trip this week for a cleaning. Our highly anticipated fun Mommy & Me day looked much different than in the past.


Yes, we had to wear masks to be allowed to go into the waiting room. Ainsley was excited about it and had no issues. Everything was as it has been social distancing wise, hardly any toys, but the ones on the wall that are built in. The fish tank was a hit as per usual, but there were no magazines or IPADs that Ainsley always runs to.

There was another mom and two kids that sat on the other side of the fish tank (the fish tank is huge and comes out of the wall). Ainsley said, “Mommy can I go say hi to those friends? I won’t touch them.” My heart sank. We’ve been referring to COVID as, “The Big Germ.” I said, “No Honey, remember we need to stay in our area.”

I heard the mom tell her toddler multiple times to get back over to, “Their side of the fish tank.” It was hard to discourage Ainsley from going over and talking to the other children, but I didn’t know what the other Mom’s stance was on the situation. Kids will be Kids and saying Hi usually leads to wanting to play.

It was a hard pill to swallow, but I did it. I didn’t know the families situation and she didn’t know ours so we kept our distance.


When I started typing about not having many toys in the Dentist office I then realized,

“OMG… I’m the Mom that let my child play with the toys!”

I’m not realizing this until now because I was so worried about Ainsley’s eagerness to go meet the other kids and making sure she was distancing. I didn’t even think to say. “Oh we better not play with that.”

Looking back, “Oh well.” We washed our hands and used sanitizer when leaving. The Dentist office is AMAZING so I’m sure they sanitized in between!


It wasn’t our usual trip of going out to eat to a sit-down restaurant. Instead we opted for Chick-fil-A in Home Depot’s parking lot.
It wasn’t our usual trip of going to Target and picking out a toy because of how proud I am of her. Instead we got ice cream from our local ice cream shop when we got home.

PS- I know we could’ve eaten at a sit-down restaurant and gone to Target, but at this time we’re not taking our little ones into those places 🙂


But you know what it was:
It was getting to spend one-on-one time with my daughter that’s growing up too fast!
It was a time for new experiences and memories to be made. It was different, but if we keep focusing on the masks, the rules, and everything we disagree with we’re missing what’s right in front of us. A life that can be taken any day, a life that we get one shot at on earth, a life that I want to make the best of and continue making memories with my family. A life that we wake up every morning and are in control of what we make of it.

“As many unknowns as there are lets try to embrace the time right in front of us one day at a time!

How have you been holding up with your kiddos during the Pandemic? If you’re comfortable, please share as your insight might help someone else!

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