Back to School…

As a teacher and mother I have lots of questions about what this school year will look like. At this point, I’m just trying to take one day at a time and know that I need to have an open-mind because we truly are, “All in this Together.”

One thing that continues to resonate with me are the posts on social media I see about how big of an impact the parent’s attitude/reactions towards school affect their child/children’s attitude.

My attitude towards LAUNDRY comes to mind when I think of this!


No, I don’t always have the most positive attitude in the world when it comes to laundry.
Self-Oh YAY, I get to fold 20 towels, sort 30 pairs of socks, and then put it all away, said no one ever. For all you laundry lovers out there please share your secrets!!

It amazes me how when I change my attitude in a positive manner and include my daughter in the process the dynamic changes. Her face immediately lights up and she’s so eager and willing to help, even if I don’t thoroughly enjoy it myself. I’ve made it a fun experience for her so she wants more, wants to continue to help, and is having fun doing it!


Can you imagine how this scenario would be different if I voiced my dislike for laundry all the time in my daughter’s presence. Well, my four year old probably wouldn’t ask to be involved and the negative emotion would rub off on her.

By all means we need to vent to one another! But, let’s try having those tough conversations with our spouse, parents, coworkers. Lets try our best to keep an upbeat attitude around our children, no matter what age!

So why not start with making it fun and including your child/children in their Back to School Shopping whether online or in store!

I’m sharing some of my favorite Back to School items for my kids and my classroom!


Who doesn’t want to have a new super stylish bacpack?? Pottery Barn Kids has some of my favorites! I love how colorful they’re and that you can personalize them! My little peanut will be sporting the pink one below for her first year in Preschool! Bring on the water works!! You can top it off with a matching lunch box and don’t forget the water bottle!!

Being a teacher myself, I must say I have preferences for school supplies and this year I’m going Target Style! My other teacher friends out there know what I’m talking about! The best pencil brand is hands down Ticonderoga. In a teacher’s eyes, it’s so helpful to have pencils brought in sharpened and this brand is fantastic!

Soo I might have an obsession with having small obsessions! Pens and pencils have ALWAYS been one of them!! You can ask anyone in my family or my teacher friends. If you come into my house or my classroom I have a stash and have more than humanly possible to use. My HOLY GRAIL of pens are shared below! The Flair pens, well their the Cat’s Meow!

In our journey through out this school year as parents and teachers, try to remember it’s all about our attitude and how we react. We’re in control of that, regardless if we’re in control of the situation. Our children are ALWAYS watching.


Lets be their Ray of Sunshine!

What are some of your favorite school supplies? Please share in the comments below!

  1. Paula says:

    Love your blog, Ashlyn! It warms my heart to see how you’ve bloomed into a knowledgeable, confident young mom. I still remember the first day I met you and your family! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Morgan McDonald says:

    Love reading your blogs! So insightful! We have made it a goal this year to keep the kids positive. The situation is hard but we can’t change it so they might as well enjoy it as much as they can! I have one that is super excited and the other not so much (I’m sure you can guess which one is not looking forward to all of these changes lol)

    School supplies are one of my favorites too! One of my favorites is parkoo erasable gel pens! I have never liked the eraseable pens before, but I subbed in a class last year that had these and I fell in love! They write so smooth and they 100% erase without leaving ugly marks! I ordered a package for myself that day!

    • Ashlyn Havens says:

      Thank you so much, Morgan!! Haha, yes I’m quite certain I can figure out which one might not be looking forward to the year. We’ll get through it! Hopefully they’ll be excited to get back into some sort of routine and see their friends!
      Thanks so much for the recommendation. I’ll be adding those to my Amazon cart, I always love trying out new things!!

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