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Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself are one of the most important things as a wife and mom. If you aren’t taking care of yourself than it’s awfully hard to take care of your family! That’s why on Sunday evenings after the kids are put down I give myself some R & R. It’s something I’ve started adding to over the past couple of years and it’s now become a habit!

I’m excited to be sharing about what I do in hopes that it can spark some excitement for you to set up your own spa like treatments at home! I’ve had pedicures and manicures, but I’ve never had any facials or actual spa treatments. I’d love to someday! For now, I’ll stick to my at home ones!


While this might sound GROSS…. I only wash my hair 3x a week. My schedule is: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m actually thinking about going down to 2x a week and skipping out on Friday. My hair does better when it’s “dirty.” Don’t worry, I do use dry shampoo!

A relative recommended Colleen Rothschild skincare in early March. Since then I’ve been hooked! I use most of her skincare line as well as some hair and bath products and love it! Everything smells AMAZING and what I would assume a spa would smell like! The hair mask is hands down my favorite conditioner! Yet again, it smells amazing and leaves your hair sooo smooth!

My hair is very thick and naturally curly!! YES, naturally curly! I must say I don’t have the best texture of hair. It gives super frizzy and humidity isn’t my friend…. EVER! I’ll never forget when I was a young teen and needed a trim on the fly so I went into the mall to get my hair cut. At the time, I longed for straight hair and greatly disliked my naturally curly hair. “We always want what we don’t have, right!!” The Hair Dresser told me when I was 18 years old I’d figure out how to manage my hair. Sure enough, she was right!!!

Ironically, I stopped caring for my hair being straight out of college. If it’s done, it’s curled. Seeing me with it straight is a rarity. For me, curling my hair is soooo much quicker!!! Like under 10 min. quick! Straightening, well it takes Forever and my arm gets tired!! Here are some of my go to hair care tools!


My hair routine:
-I use the Colleen Rothschild Shampoo and follow up with the conditioner
I always use the mask as my conditioner (a little goes a LONG way), but only use the shampoo on Sundays. Why, because it’s not cheap and remember spa like routine on Sundays. For my other washes I use Head and Shoulders because my dark hair shows my dry scalp!
-I follow up with using a hair pick
-I add some argan oil to help with frizz and add some shine!
-Lastly, I blow dry it, but not completely dry (a lot of times I throw it up in a clip and sleep with it wet)
*Dry shampoo is a life saver. I use it through out the week! The Batiste dry shampoo is cheap, smells good, and works! I also love this texturing spray! It gives volume and smells great!!
If you need to cover up any grays this has come in super handy! Grey’s always show up worse on people with dark hair I think! Yep, that’s me. I get grays and get my hair colored on the regular!

Shower Routine:
Colleen Rothschild Body Wash// The smell reminds me of being on the beach!
Colleen Rothschild Body Scrub// This helps exfoliate and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth!
Colleen Rothschild Lotion// This is actually body butter!! It’s the icing on the cake!
*I treat myself to using these products on Sunday’s only!


On Sundays I ALWAYS make sure to get in a face-mask. Now more than ever it has to happen! Wearing a mask 8 hours a day has definitely made my skin regress. I’ve had a few small break outs!

 Bummer, yes… but, “It is, what it is.” Life will go on.

I typically do this on Sun., Wed., & Fri., but if anything I try to get it in twice a week! Colleen’s products have NEVER made me have any reaction or breakout!! I highly recommend trying out her Discovery Collection if you’re in need of something new, but want to try out several products! Another great thing about Colleen is she’s constantly having sales, and great ones at that!! I’m not sure I’ve ever bought any products full price! If you’ve gotten to know me at all I generally never buy anything full price!! 

These are 4 of my Holy Grail Skincare Items!


The two masks are what I use on Sundays. I don’t always use both of them the rest of the week. It just depends on what’s going on with my skin. I follow up with the products listed.
The Dual Enzyme Polish// Helps with dull skin. It’s grainy and exfoliates the skin with its fruit enzyme and AHA cocktail.
The Clarifying Detox Mask// Removes trapped dirt. The Charcoal acts like a magnet, drawing out clogged pores and helps leave a more balanced complexion.


Radiant Cleansing Balm//The Cleansing Balm clears congested pores and removes impurities while dissolving all traces of makeup, leaving skin balanced, soft, and radiant. I’ve tried lots of make-up removers and this melts your make up off! It’s a make up remover in the form of a balm! You put a little in your hands, warm it together and let the balm do the work!
Sheer Renewal Cream// This is like a big drink of water for your skin! It provides hydration for your skin and new cell turn over. It also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can wear this like a mask or wear it overnight. I wear it overnight and rinse it in the morning! My skin is soooo soft!!
Face Oil No 9// It provides an intense moisture boost and leaves your skin looking radiant! This oil is what has changed my way of thinking when it comes to skincare! Never would I have thought to put an oil on my face. I’ve only ever used moisturizers, but this stuff is my #1 Holy Grail Skincare item. If you want to try anything, try this! I use it every morning before my make up routine!


Last, but not least there’s TInkling! If you’re like me about 6 months ago I had no idea this was a thing or what it was! Well I’m here to tell you, you need to try it! TInkling is more less using a razor to get all of the peach fuzz off of your face!! YES, that’s right…shave the hair off of your face! I can assure you I’ve done my research and tried it first hand, it won’t make the hair grow back thicker!!! I’ve been doing it for months now. Prior to this I used the Wet/Dry Panasonic to do the sides of my face close to my side burns. I still use this occasionally, but feel like the Tinkle razors can get more and I use them all over my face!


Remember… You need to take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for your spouse, family, and job. Do what makes you happy and take some time for yourself once a week! This routine has evolved over time, but I look forward to it every weekend. It’s a great way to start off refreshed for the week ahead!!

Do you have any Self-Care routines? Please share in the comments below!

  1. Holly says:

    Love my CR products! So glad you’re still loving them too…and glad you’re making time for yourself! Hugs!

    • Ashlyn Havens says:

      Yes, I’m still LOVONG them! I have started getting several empties 🙂 Thank you for recommending me to her!!

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