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What a refreshing weekend that had some “normalcy.” We took the kids to the Festival of Lights and it was so nice to get everyone out of the house!! Our daughter was recently looking at some old photos of places we’ve been over the years and she said, “Daddy I want to be a wittle (little) baby again so I can go places, we used to have lots of fun and go places.” This definitely made my heart hurt.

So this weekend is just what the doctor called for!! We also partook in some Gingerbread making fun! The best way to make Gingerbread Houses with small children is by using a milk carton and putting down a large sheet of paper so the mess can easily be picked up!! You could also use a tray for older kids or a large sheet of parchment paper. With two toddlers we opted for covering the entire table!


In other news I’m so excited to be able to share one easy place that you can access ALL of my Amazon finds! I’ll still be doing my monthly Amazon Haul because it’s one of my favorite things to share, but this will be a place that you can easily access everything in one stop! I’ve got you covered from baby and toddler to teachers and of course fashion! I look forward to adding to it as we buy new products from Amazon! I’ve only added things we HAVE ordered. So rest assured that everything shared on my store will be items that we have in our own home!! I’m hoping to add some more after Christmas. I think I made the Nice list so I’m hopeful that a few items from my Amazon wish list will be fulfilled! You can find that wish list here!

Be sure to follow along so you can get updates about new items I’ve added.

HERE is my site and you can even FOLLOW my store!


What are your favorite things to shop for on Amazon? Please share in the comments below!

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