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If you’ve followed me for anytime at all you probably know that I love Amazon!! With prime day only lasting 2 days I decided to do a post instead of Instagram stories so you can easily refer back to it. I’m rounding up my favorite Amazon items that are included in the sale! I will only share items that I would buy for my family or have used myself!!

This is a wonderful time to buy those holiday gifts or something that you’ve been eyeing for a while. Some of these deals will beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so grab them before they’re gone! Several items I have on the Kids Christmas lists are now on sale so you betcha I’m going to be buying them now!
Keep in mind some deals don’t show up until they’re added to your cart!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may make a small commission off of qualifying purchases.


20% off MIXI Baby Toys Blocks// We have some building blocks similar to these and our twins love them! Nice thing is if they throw them you don’t have to worry about a concussion!

10% off Graco 4Ever seat 4 in 1 car seat// We have this car seat for our 4 year old and love it! I’m not sure you can go wrong with a 4 in 1 car seat. Our infant carriers were also Graco and we never had any problems with them.

21% off Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer// This wipe warmer has had an upgrade since we used it. I think the reviews can speak for themselves!

7% off Bumpkins Bibs// Love these bibs! They help so much in keeping your little ones clean. The sleeve option is my favorite!

33% off Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush// These toothbrushes are great for 1st time brushers as well as to help with teething. Our twins love chewing on these so I guess they’re a 2 for 1 deal!
Nuk Sippy Cups// Hands down these are our favorite sippy cups! We’ve tried many brands and have always come back to these!
20% off Munchkin Stay Put Bowls// These bowls are a life saver when it comes to your little one spilling cereal! We’ve used these with our twins and I wish I had them when our 4 year old was a toddler! Put a little bit of water on the bottom and they suction right to the table! Game changer for meal time!


30% off Play-Doh// I can’t say enough wonderful things about Play-Doh. My kids love it. You can include so many different craft items. This is a great pack of 24 that will last you a long time!

25 % off Kinetic Sand// This kinetic sand was a hit all summer and will be a good activity this winter. Maybe in the bathtub! I do have a bit of OCD so I’ll have to become creative in containing it! Over the summer we used a baby pool outside!

40% off Crayola Markers// I’m a teacher and I have 3 kids. It’s a no brainier that I love art supplies and although we already have enough to last us an eternity I continue to buy more!

21% off Kidcraft Majestic Mansion// We bought this doll house this past summer for our daughters birthday. She’s literally played with it Every.Single.Day!! I did a lot of research and thought it was the best for the money and something she can continue to grow into!

Barbies// A Barbie house isn’t complete with out some Barbies. There are a variety of Barbies on sale!

31% off Barbie Dream Convertible// A Barbie collection isn’t complete without a Barbie car. Our daughter loves to spin her Barbies around in this stylish convertible!

24% off Hi Ho Cherry-O// Our 4 year old loves board games and this has been an all time favorite! Great thing about it is… it works on fine motor skills and counting! Win/Win!!
Moldable Air Dry Clay// This is an item that I have on my daughters Christmas list. I’ll be purchasing now since it’s on sale! She loves all things art and you can’t go wrong with clay!

7% off Wet Bush// These brushes are seriously the BEST hair brushes for girls hair EVER!!! This is the only brush I can use on my child’s hair that she won’t complain about! Love these!
30% off Stila Eyeliner//While I haven’t worn eyeliner in a long while this is my favorite! I have it in several shades. It’s waterproof, lasts all day, and doesn’t smudge!
19% off T3 Curling Iron// I snagged this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! One of my favorite bloggers raved about it so much I finally caved. No turning back. I love it! It makes your hair look shiny and sleek and it has multiple heat settings! It’s hot in 60 seconds!
22% off Tinkle Dorco Razor// I use these every Sunday as part of my self care routine. Using these makes my skin a clean and fresh palate for applying my skin care and make up. I can assure you your hair won’t grow back thicker!!
Warners Womens No Pinching No Problems Underwear//Aside from Spanx, Warner’s have to be my favorite brand of underwear. I always try to catch them on sale. They’re comfortable, come in many different styles, colors and patterns. An extra perk they help with the muffin top!
20% off LADES Facial Spa Headband// I’ve been using these spa headbands for quite some time now and the price! They’re great for washing your face, applying make up or those nights when you aren’t washing your hair in the shower!


Iwollence Womens Waffle Knit Women’s Dress//Leopard is one of my favorite prints and this waffle knit dress comes in a color to meet everyone’s taste!
21% off Signature By Levi Strauss & Company Gold Label// These would have to be my most favorite Amazon Find EVER!! These jeans are AMAZING and they’re on sale for $21. I’m not sure where you can find a deal to beat that! They’re buttery soft, come in 3 different inseams, and suck in the gut! Love them!
20% off Woolen Bloom Oversized Sweater// You can’t go wrong with an oversized chunky sweater this fall! This one

Have you caught anything on sale during the sale!? Please share in the comments below!

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