Amazon Kitchen Must Haves

Amazon Finds are some of the most popular items I share and what I like to call my JAM. Some might call me Crazy, but I enjoy scrolling, checking for deals and reading reviews! Two day shipping makes it soo easy to get items quickly and of course now Amazon has made it even easier to make a purchase with the, “Buy Now button.”

These items will make life easier in the kitchen! I’m all about easy, affordable and effective products and these items have passed the test! You can check out my Kitchen Must Have Gadgets blog post here!

Disclaimer : As an Amazon Associate I may make a small commission off of qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Lets start with my most favorite find!

Microfiber Dish Towel and Dish Rags/ These towels easily soak up spills. They don’t get crunchy. We used the same one for a week and NO CRUNCH. Simply amazing. They wash up well and come in several different color ways. The dish cloths are just as impressive. They are super absorbent and lint free. They come in an 8 or 16 pack. The poly scour side makes it easy to wipe up those tough stains.

Butter Dish // Having butter easily accessible while cooking/baking is a game changer. This butter dish is an all in one kitchen item. The extra large capacity allows you to keep two sticks. The double layer silicone sealing will keep your butter fresh, longer. The dish comes with a knife and a handy spot for storage. Save an extra 15% off today (9/22/21). It comes in 5 different color ways.

Collapsible Colander Set // This 3 pack comes with a bonus over the sink extendable colander. This has become my most used colander. Ready to drain your spaghetti noodles, extend this over your sink and it’s hands free. You won’t have to worry about setting the colander in your sink, which is especially helpful! All 3 of the colanders are space savers and can easily be folded and stored. These are perfect for an apartment, smaller kitchen or someone that loves being organized.

Can Colander // Tired of losing food when you drain the extra liquid in your can? This can colander that from happening! With a snap… you’ll easily be able to drain anything! It’s easy to store and clean.



What’s your number 1 kitchen must have? Please share in the comments below!

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