March Amazon Haul…

This past month I did my first big Prime Wardrobe Haul and absolutely loved it! The process was easy peasy! If you’d like to find more out about that haul you can get ALL the details here! Aside from that I’m excited to share some other items that we purchased!

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

L’Oreal Paris Mascara// This mascara is apparently famous on Tik Tok. I don’t have Tik Tok, but think it came up through a reel on Instagram. Either way this is great! It’s cheap and doesn’t smudge or flake! I really like the applicator it helps so that your lashes don’t clump!

Essie Nail Polish // This is a great brand! There are too many colors I want to try! It’s a little expensive for polish, but hey not compared to a mani! So I’m hoping to build up a collection! I think this pink is perfect for spring and these do go on sale!


Ring Cleaner // I purchased this exact same ring cleaner after being newly engaged. Which was almost 8 years ago! So it was time to replenish it! I was so good at keeping up with taking my ring in every 6 months to get cleaned, but the longer we’ve been married the worse I’ve gotten! This is what our jeweler recommended and the only one I’ve tried! It’s easy to use and even comes with a brush!


Can Colander // My husband thought this was a silly purchase, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been draining a can and lost too many mandarin oranges or green beans!! So in my eyes it was a good buy and I’m happy with it! It does what it’s supposed to!

2 pack microfiber replacement pads // We’ve had our Shark Steamer for going on 8 years! We got it shortly after we got married and have had the same one since! I’ve bought two new sets of pads in that time and let me tell you it gets a lot of use! We have ZERO carpet in our house! So our hardwood floors have gotten there use out of this. It suggest using distilled water – at the beginning I did, but haven’t for years and it still does the job! The pads are cheap and I know they’ll last for several more years before we need to replace them!


Chesapeake Bay Candle // This candle has insane ratings coming in at 34,689. You can get it on sale at times for $10, which is what I did! It smells Amazing and is calming! It would be perfect to have in a bathroom… I’ve been enjoying it at night after our kids go to bed in our bedroom! It comes in several different sizes. I ordered the medium size. There are also a lot of different scents offered!


Car Phone Mount // This mount has been so helpful! Our cup holders aren’t large enough for my phone so I was always struglling with where to house it! Thankfully this has been a life saver! I’ve traveled out of town with it and it’s so easy to read the GPS as well as see whose calling. It also helps so you don’t misplace your phone which somehow I would often do in the car! I think because it was always falling in between the seats!


Stay tuned for next months Haul because while I think they all have great finds- I feel like there’s going to be quite the variety this next round. And I’ve ordered a couple swim items! Can’t wait to get them in!


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