A day in the life…

So here we are.. It’s 2020 and life looks quite different now than when I started brainstorming ideas for my blog! If we were to rewind time to when I was working (I’m on summer break now) I’d be in the hustle and bustle of getting my kids out the door to daycare, while trying to drink my coffee on my way to my job as a third grade teacher. After school (I know it’s work, but I still call it school… snow days still = no school today!!),some evening activities include dance lessons, get together’s with friends and family, and a co-ed volleyball league my husband and I enjoy.


Summer break includes lots of swimming, walks, and ice cream! There would typically be day trips and a vacation mixed in there, but we’re enjoying our time at home for right now! It also means no bed time for myself. Being a night owl + on summer break= a cocktail for disaster! The twins never fail to wake me, so goodbye phone alarm!

I’ve been keeping busy working on my blog in my spare time, catching up on household chores, and have taken a strong liking to Tone It Up! The workout program was a request from my bestie and I’m so glad we’ve been able to hold each other accountable! If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend checking it out! More reasons to love coming!

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