Cheers to a New Year…


We Made It!! Isn’t that so! Our New Years was complete with our family of 5. We had fun celebrating with some of our favorite appetizers and festive gear. After our twins went down we played a new game our kids got for Christmas called Monkeying Around. Our 4 year old loved it! My husband and I did stay up a few min. past 12 just to ring in the New Year together. It was a year like none other and one for the books!! I hope you were able to reflect on some positives to take away from it. We sure enjoyed time well spent with family and the outdoors!! We found that we can make our own fun & love a good picnic at our local lake!


Goal Setting

My husband and I reviewed our goals from last year and made new ones for this year. I’ll admit… last year was the first year we wrote out our goals for the year. In the past, we would just talk about them. This wasn’t setting us up for success. We didn’t do anything fancy. I typed them up, put them in a clear sleeve and posted them in our bathroom.
Our Goals:
I truly think talking them out with your spouse and writing them down helps keep you both accountable!! Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of crossing off goals they’ve met! Of course, when I went to print ours, our printer was out of ink. I’m not sure if it’s just me and printers, but it seems anytime I go to print something the printers almost out of ink, out of ink or broken!!
If you haven’t set any goals yet… you still have time!! If you’re solo, find an accountability partner!

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This Community

I can’t say enough good things about this space and community. I started this blog for fun to share about my love for fashion along with some family, home decor and food. It’s transformed into the 3 F’s. Fashion, Family and Food!! It definitely took me some time to find my niche… so if you’ve followed from the beginning thanks for sticking around!!

One of my long- term goals with this platform was to be accepted to the community and become an Amazon Influencer. If it wasn’t for this community I wouldn’t have been able to do either. I’m over the moon that I met these goals this past year along with the start of this blog. It Continues to be something I’m passionate about and each time I click “publish” I get excited about.
If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, but fears held you back… If not now, then when!? I wasn’t one to do a lot with any of my social media platforms so I took a leap of faith. The drive to want to share – outweighed what others might think. Life is too short! YOU CAN DO IT… whether it’s a small or big goal! Reach for the stars and never stop believing and dreaming!

Well I just wanted to jump on here to thank each and every one of you for following along with me. If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see in 2021 please feel free to share in the comments below or send me a message through my email or on Instagram !! I’d love to hear from you!!
Cheers to 2021!! I hope you stay safe and healthy and wish you the best!!


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