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This my friends is a tough one! I put out a post last week about our families lifestyle with food. You can check it out here! After I put that post out on a Monday that week we had Jimmy Johns, Carry out Pizza, and McDonald’s (which was a picnic at the Lake for the kids so that makes it okay, right!?)….

So I’m not the one to talk to about eating healthy or getting fit, but I can most definitely walk with you on the path to ‘TRY’ to do better!

When it comes to fitness I’ve always thought of working out as some sort of cardio, running, or so intense you feel the sweat and burn. Now days, going for a walk or doing something for 15-20 min. is good in my book! I think the key is to just get moving even if that means chasing your kids around in the backyard.

When I met my husband he was huge into working out. He still loves it, but there’s that whole job, having kids, and keeping up with the day to day grind.

I on the other hand ran track all through high school and my freshman year of college. I would say I was in pretty good shape. I had planned workouts and I was dedicated.
As my college years continued I went through phases! When I did work out, it was doing a class with a group of friends or running on the indoor track at our rec center.

Outside of college my husband and I have done the program Insanity. If you haven’t heard of it, the name says it all… It really is insane. If you can stick with it, you will see results! We did it to get in shape for our wedding (it worked) and it’s since been in a box for 7 years since!! Opps!!

This photo was taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica in 2013. We were probably in the best shape of our lives. All thanks to the Insanity program by Beachbody.

This photo was taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica in 2013. We were probably in the best shape of our lives. All thanks to the Insanity program by Beachbody.

I think the hardest thing to do when it comes to working out is finding a routine or program that you can stick with. Kinda like I mentioned while talking about living a healthy lifestyle. The key is finding something you can make a lifestyle. That’s why I know it can’t be something extreme and has to have a little bit of “give” to it.

Which brings me to a work out program that my best friend reached out to me about. The program was running a free trial and I knew my friend and I would hold each other accountable.

The program is called Tone It Up! It has everything from yoga to cardio. The workouts are all under $35 and a lot of them are done on the beach which is a + in my book! The beautiful scenery sets the mood! They’re work outs that are challenging, but doable as you progress!!

I tried it and really liked it. So of course, given my personality I had to buy a new yoga mat, the booty band, a kettle bell and a new pair of dumbbells (kettle bells and dumbbells found at Dollar General- they were constantly sold out on Amazon and crazy expensive). And when the subscription ran out I paid for the annual membership. I thought for sure having the accessories and paying for the membership would hold me accountable.


Lets not mention the new yoga pants I bought during this. You can ask my friend. I probably spent more time researching the best yoga pants than I actually did working out. Not really, but sometimes it feels that way! Which of course it would be a disservice for me not to share my finds. So here they are!

These range in price. They’re all amazing and super comfy!! Not to mention, they’re high rise. Which is the only kind of yoga pant I’ll purchase. The ones with a pocket for your phone come in super handy!!

Other brands that are very good for work out gear based on my research are Alo Yoga, Lululemon (I have a few items form here, but more lounge wear) and Athleta. If you really want to be a show stopper for those of you that go to actual work out classes check out Carbon38! They have a variety of brands in one spot!

In my defense about buying 4 pairs of yoga pants (as if they were going to do my work outs for me) it was a pandemic so I had quite a bit of time on my hands! Getting mail was something to look forward to! Which of course it would be a disservice fo…

I was finally feeling good about my workouts. I found something that was a challenge, but I could complete. All of the workouts were under 35 min, which worked out perfectly because I could sneak them in during the twins nap!

Well now here come the excuses… I’m back to work and it’ hasn’t been in the routine at ALL! If I put it in the routine I’m looking at needing to get up by 5:30. I can’t do it after work… I know it’s too easy to skip out on! By the time the babies go to bed I’m catching up on house work, preparing for the next day, and working on my blog. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person…so maybe this is my one shot at accomplishing that!

However, getting up at 5:30 hasn’t sounded the least bit appealing when I’ve been staying up until 10:45-11 nightly! I’ve always been a night owl!!! Anyone else!?

I’m not opposed to trying to work it in. It was AMAZING how when I was consistently working out:

“I never regretted doing a work out – other than the fact that I was sore at times!”

The feeling of putting on a pair of jeans and fitting looser…. even if the scale didn’t show it……. was such a morale booster.

It amazes me how within a few days of working out and eating better you can feel better about yourself. But in the same breath, it also amazes me how you can workout every day for two weeks , have ONE high carb day and feel like an elephant! Ya feel me!?

So whose with me on this whole working out thing!?

Where to fit it in?
How to stay motivated?
How to make it a lifestyle?

What are some things that have worked for you!? Please share in the comments below!?

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