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Lets talk makeup! I by no means consider myself a makeup guru, but I do like to try out new products. I have several that I’ve used for years and use on the daily! I have tubs of make up products that I go back to at times or that I pull out for special occasions, but the ones that make our vanity drawer are extra special because they’re the ones I use the most and that’s what I’m sharing today!!

I’ve been wanting to make this video for a while now, but I ended up with a mysterious eye problem. My symptoms were swelling in one of my eyes, dry skin on my eye lids, and big time irritation. So I figured no one wanted to watch a make up tutorial with ALL that going on. After two trips to the eye doctor the only thing concluded was Dermatitis. The only thing I had changed was our body wash. I have super sensitive skin and am hoping that’s what caused the allergic reaction. So far… so good!!

Disclaimer: I said… what sound like “scouce” I meant to say “ scarce.”

Products from the Video:
Colorescience Sungorgettable Total Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 – The one I currently use is sold out, so I’m sharing the glow one, which will be next to purchase when my bottle runs out. Who doesn’t want a nice glow! This now comes in a bronze too! This sunscreen goes on smooth and has great reviews!! It doesn’t irritate my eyes like some sunscreens do! I also have the powder stick. This has been great for touch ups!
OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream // This is filled with Vitamin C & collagen- boosted. It provides a great base for concealer!
BECCA Eye Brightening Corrector // I put this under my concealer every day and it really helps to correct those dark circles!
Tarte Tape Shape // The Holy Grail of ALL concealers. A Little bit goes a long way! I like to use a damp beauty blender to apply
MILK Makeup – This is an ALL in one! This stick can be used on your lips + cheeks. Another great thing is it comes in a mini size and it will last you forever!
Benefit Brow Pencil // I’ve been using this brand for years. I’ve tried other pencils and always come back to this one!
Benefit Brow Gel // This gel is clear and helps keep your brows in place all day! I love the tinted one too!
LANEIGE // I’ve shared this lip mask multiple times and won’t stop because I love it! I had tried another one last year and needless to say I didn’t know what I was missing out on with this one! I use it every night before bed. I love a good lipstick, but I’m wearing a mask every day for works so my lipsticks are put up for special occasions now!
Supergoop! Defense (Re) Setting Mist // This was my go to sunscreen this past summer for myself and our 4 year old. It’s SPF 40 and perfect for a quick freshen up. It also works as a setting mist.

What I’m Wearing:
Aerie Waffle Sweater // This is great to wear with leggings and oh so cozy! I bought a small, but wish I would’ve gotten a M because I like things I wear with leggings to be a bit longer. I’m 5’5” for reference.
Etsy Initial Necklace // Merry Christmas to me! I’ve been wanting an initial necklace for my kiddos names for a while and this one on Etsy has great reviews! Shipping was super fast too!
Leopard Headband // My favorite headbands are from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory. They don’t hurt my head like most do!

Additional Products:

ColleenRothschild Sheer Renewal Cream // This moisturizer is light & doesn’t irritate the skin! It’s perfect for day or night! It helps minimize wrinkles.
ItCosmetics Foundation // If I’m going to wear anything it’s going to be something with lighter coverage. You can’t go wrong with any of ItCosmetics products. They offer full coverage and buildable. Not to mention SPF 50!!

If you have any questions about the products I’ve shared be sure to drop a link or send me an email @tripletheflairblog@gmail.com!

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