5 Holy Grail Beauty Products…

So lets talk beauty. I can’t say that I’m a beauty expert. Yes, I like to try out new products and I have tried out a lot of products over the years, but I don’t know how to do anything fancy. For example, contouring… I’d probably look like a clown if I tried to do this!! When I do wear eye makeup it’s super simple. I might swipe on some mascara, a neutral eye shadow and a hint of eyeliner on my top lid. I’ll save my favorites of those for another day!


OLE HENRIKSEN Bananna Bright Eye Cream// I like to use this miracle in a bottle as my first step after I put on my moisturizer! While you might not think you’re seeing earth shattering results this eye brightener will help moisturize your eye and is jam packed with Vitamin C and collagen-boosted. It provides a fantastic base for all of your under eye needs!

Becca Under Eye Corrector // Another eye product!? Yes. If you’re starting to see a trend with all of these it’s because I think if you can brighten your under eyes it can completely transform your look. I definitely have the “mom tired” look so I’m willing to take a couple extra steps to look more awake and cover up those dark circles. I’ve gone through several of these over the years and it’s a MUST HAVE. If I’m in a real hurry it’s the last step for my under eyes. I wear the light/medium shade. Be sure to use your ring finger to dab it on. I wear the


Tarte Shape Tape // If you haven’t gotten on the Tarte bandwagon you M.U.S.T!! This is the Queen of ALL concealers. I’ve tried out a lot over the years and always come back to this one! I’ve found the best way to use it is to dampen a beauty blender and less is more! A little bit of this product will go a long way! I like to start with some under my eyes and then I work it out on my cheeks and dab to cover any blemishes. On a regular day I don’t wear foundation so this acts as a cover up for me as well. It’s helpful to use a setting powder or prime it with the Banana Bright Eye Cream or Becca Under Eye Corrector so it will stay in place all day. I wear the shade fair beige.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil// I have super light and scarce brows. One thing I never leave the house without doing is giving my brows some love. I’ve been using Benefit brow pencils for years. I ‘have tried a few other brands and always come back to these so it’s a wonder why I even try different ones. I have the smaller pencil which is nice for fine tuning, but this one is perfect for shaping and can be used as in all in one. I also love to finish my look off with some tinted brow gel! I wear shade 3.

BUXOM// My obsession with Chopstick is real. I’ve always been that person that has to have multiple ones around the house, in the car and in my purse. Buxom delivers when it comes to moisture for your lips with a tint of color. I love the look because it’s feminine and bigger so it’s easier to find underneath all of your purse necessities.

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