5 Favorite Things From March…

Happy Hump Day! Today I’m sharing 5 things that I’ve been loving this past month. When I think about narrowing down what products I’m going to share I like to think about what I’ve used the most. Sometimes they’re products or items that are beer and others things I’ve been using forever! This months edition has things that are new within the last year and have already gotten so much use!

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Makeup Remover & Cotton Cloths // If you follow me on social you might be sick of hearing me talk about these. BUT they’re soooo good! I’ve always struggle with finding a makeup remover or cloth that doesn’t feel greasy or irritate my eyes. This Micellar Water is more less water with minerals that’s like magic! I can’t say enough how E.A.S.Y. it is to take off my eye makeup. I never used to like wearing mascara on the daily because I couldn’t stand taking it off. while I still might not wear it everyday I’ve started wearing it more than my norm thanks to these great cotton clothes and remover. I started out with a small bottle and once it runs out I’m 100% certain I’ll be purchasing the large bottle. My plan is to re-fill the small one so I don’t have to mess with the big bottle!


Bentgo Salad Container // I’ve been loving a salad lately thanks to my hand salad chopper. If you’re not familiar you can check out my review here. Seriously a game changer, but in other news instead of lugging around a lunch box this container does it ALL! While it’s labeled as a salad container it can also be used for sandwiches or wraps. I love that the top is divided so you can separate your salad toppings or whatever you fancy for your lunches! Additionally, it comes with a cute fork & storage for it!




Old Navy Denim Jacket // This jacket is one of the most popular finds. Some influencers I follow have had this exact same style for years and it’s held up. I have a denim jacket from Madewell that I’ve had for 3 + years and loved the wash of this one. I also snagged it for $14 so I was able to justify getting another one. I ended up getting a small and it’s the perfect fit! Having a light jacket like this is a necessity in my world because I get cold easily! This will be sure to complete any outfit you have!



Amazon Sunglasses // With pool & beach days ahead I was looking for a practical pair of sunnies that wouldn’t break the bank. With in the past year I spent the most I ever have on a $35 pair of sunglasses and guess what!? They’re already broken… I think. Until our children are older I’m not convinced I need them. This pair has a gazillion options. I like a smaller frame and these have just that! There’s a color for everyone & if you’re in need of a case for them check out this one. I Love that it attaches easily to a bag. I keep mine on the outside of my book bag for easy access!



L’OREAL Lumi Bronzer // If you’re looking for contouring tips I’m NOT your girl! I’ve never understood how to do that! It looks great on others – yes I’ve tried doing it myself… but it looks like my 4 year old did it. I keep it minimal with concealer and go around the edges of my face, under my chin and the sides of my nose with bronzer to add a little bit of a sun kissed glow. This bronzer is only $10, comes in several shades & I imagine it will last me a year or longer!



I have several Prime Wardrobe items coming in this week so I’ll be excited to do a post on those items soon! Most of them are basic items! Be sure to check back in for that post!


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