5 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without…

It’s no secret that we’re huge Amazon fans! Just when I think I can’t find another gadget or beauty product I find 5 more that I want to try! It’s addicting – that’s for sure! When it comes to the kitchen I have a few tried and true gadgets that we use All the time! We’ve had a few of the items for years and a couple new ones that we’ve been loving. Either way, they have great reviews and have made life so much easier!!

Disclaimer: This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Avocado slicer// This slicer does it all! It’s super handy whether you’re cutting up some avocado for toast or mixing up your favorite guacamole. It cuts, cores and slices! This makes clean up super easy because you only have to dirty one too!


Rice Cooker // I’m going to admit that we didn’t used to use this very often. I never really knew how to use it! It was one of those appliances that sat on the shelf until my husband was like you just add equal parts of rice and water. Whoops! Instead of taking the time to boil water and making sure it doesn’t run over you have to take a minute to throw in your rice and water and let the cooker do all of the work. This is sooo easy to use! We haven’t used it for vegetables, but you can! The rice comes out so fluffy and this is used at least once during the week at our house!


Meat Chopper // This is a gadget that I’ve been using for 9 years! Yes… I’ve had this meat chopper for 9 years. This is seriously a game changer. We have a lot of beef at our house and this is just the gadget to easily break up your meat. I use it anytime we have tacos, sloppy joes or when something needs chopped up!

Salad Chopper // I’ve shared this a lot on social media because I can’t get enough of it. Most recently my husband and I had gone to McAlister’s and I got a salad to go. I waited the hour trip home just so I could chop the dressing into the salad. I discovered one of these at Subway. When I had my first Subway salad I loved how the lettuce and toppings were chopped up and the salad was covered so nicely with dressing! It didn’t take long before I started the hunt on @amazon and sure enough I found one! Love it! It can also be used to cut up veggies.


Coffee Frother // This was a recent purchase. I had to get in on all the craze about froth in your coffee. If you’re unfamiliar then here’s the scoop. It helps give a smoother feel to your coffee. It makes your coffee richer, creamier and smoother! I love it! Just pour in your creamer (I use almond milk) and let the frother do it’s work, then pour in your coffee! Sometimes I like to add cinnamon to my coffee and most always caramel syrup so this also helps easily mix up the extras!


Strainers // These strainers are also a newer purchase! They come in a 3 pack and are the handiest strainers I’ve seen. Why? Because they fold up! You can store them sideways or flat. The one pictured has an extra perk because you can push out the sides and it fits nicely over your sink! This is perfect for washing produce and pouring in your pasta to strain!


Happy Cooking!



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